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A mine deep in the heart of the Nocturnus Mountains. The heat from the lava produces lots of different metals and diamonds.


A guard goes to blow open a new hole, while 2 slaves dig for diamonds and silver.


A guard stands by with a whip and a slave scrounges the mould off the rock to eat.


A view of the water trough, reserved for the guards, and the crane lowering supplies to the mine.


The Great Walkway

A path directly to the capital it feeds the crushing of the western resistence. Refugees escape towards the city while cargo is shipped across the swamp to put down the rebellion.


A husband and wife and their son make their way from the war torn west to find solace in the capital.


A cart full of the deadly new gun powder, more commonly known as "boom dust", travels towards the war. The old toll collector is too stiff and tired to pester the cart for a tax.


The rickity bridge is closed off to travellers, despite it being a more direct route. It has grown too old and weak for people to walk on it. A woman and her young child take the risk. An orc mariner, in need of food, sees the boy's lunch, and chases him. The whole scene attracts the interest of the young teenager.


Orcs obviously haven't perfected the perfect setup for guns.


Bird's eye.


Without figs.


A Small Walkway

A Kaliphan merchant passes the stone indicating the one mile left towards the capital.




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