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Valholl Micro-Scale Project

Vote for the best design!   

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Which design do you like best?

    • Design 1 - Ecclesiastes
    • Design 2 - bartjuh
    • Design 3 - soccerkid6
    • Design 4 - darkdragon
  2. 2. Whitch guild do you call home?

    • Mitgardia
    • Avalonia
    • Kaliphlin
    • Nocturnus
    • None of the above
  3. 3. Does LDD play into your choice of entrees?

    • No I just look at design
    • Yes, it has a positive impact
    • Yes, it has a negative impact

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Greetings Mitgradians, this is the official thread for posting your entrees for the Valholl Micro-Scale Build project.

Here is the description of the project once again:

Valholl Micro-Scale Build:


Construct our mighty capital in micro-scale according to the guidelines listed herein and post your design in this topic. This will be the beginning of a much larger series of projects, but we need to settle on a size/look/theme for our great city first. Micro-scale will give us a good idea of layout, and will double as a type of rudimentary map for us to follow when building parts of the city up.

Unlike Avalonia's Capital I will not be assigning lots, instead there will be districts in which you could build in future full-scale builds.

Micro-scale build must include:

1) Surrounding environment be it plains, farmland, mountains, forests, river etc.

2) A system of walls, and fortifications all along the outer bounds of the city.

3) A centrally located castle or citadel

4) At least one residential district

5) An economic district

6) A slums district

7) A city square


Build can be no bigger than 40X40 studs, and no smaller than 24X24 studs. (yes it's a "big city" and the build should reflect this :wink:)

Scale: The scale must be such that individual people are not distinguishable. (Look atBlake's Mini Builds here for idea of correct size)


To give incentive for you builders, by the end of the specified deadline there will be a vote for best design, and the winner of that vote will be awarded several honors.

1) Their micro-scale city will be placed on the front page of our forum under the Valholl Section.

2)Their architectural style and layout will be used thereafter as a guide to future building projects of Valholl.

3) The Title of "Master Architect of Valholl" will be given to winner

4) For their effort, they will be awarded a $20US gift card for the Lego Shop, along with a Jarl Nibelung Minifigure and Official Seal of Valholl letter.

So be creative, make it a great design and take good pictures! Remember it must be a mighty impressive city! Deadline is March 24th. :thumbup:

Please post your entrees here, on March 24th the contest ends and there will be a vote on the best design!

Long Live Mighty Mitgardia!

-Jarl Nibelung

NOTE: (I have pinned this so that we can easily find it, it'll be unpinned once competition ends.)

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Here is my entry :classic:



It is really hard to see all the details from those pictures, so make you sure you check out these,they also have descriptions More pictures

And a link to topic Another Valholl Entry

Edited by soccerkid6

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Here is my entry. The lake has a dock system with a back gate in the wall going to the dock. There is a lighthouse near the lake. The wall has an area for guards to walk along on patrol. There are 6 towers through the wall, one main entrance.

More Photos on Comment Thread

Next to the lake is the mountain region. On the other side of the city is the main road and the farming.


The slums are near the lake entrance. The marketplace is near the main entrance. The Jarl's home is on the raised section. On eather side of the palace (but much lower) is residential area. The community square is large for speaches and festivles.


The Palace Area


Overhead View


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Ah its a tough choice. All of the entries have their own merits and strong features! - If only King Jarl could sorta magically mix all the strong points together. Alas, I must still make a choice and have done so.

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Well it looks like Ecclesiastes will win again... at least I have the satisfaction of getting some votes :sadnew:

However maybe I'll get a miraculous comeback :grin:

Tomcat RIO: would you mind sharing some of the things you like about each entry?

Edited by soccerkid6

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What I liked about ecclesiastes' built is the great use of parts, like the flags and the farmlands. It also was more "mitgardian" to me than the other mocs. Which were all great btw. Darkdragon's moc is entirely studless which I love and also very cool details like the lightsabers for Collins and the lighthouse. Bartjuhs moc has good snow effects and soccerkid has nice details and the outer Wally are great.

This is my quick review of the good things of every moc. Microscale building is very hard and these four did an excellent job.

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