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LDD: Black & Red Railroad Train Built by My Dad

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These passenger train cars were built by my father around 2003 - 2005 for me. However, the steam & diesel engines were desgined / redesigned by me. The diesel was taken from another Eurobricks user CromeKnight via the LDD MOC Index. It was then redesigned & recolored into it's current colors and shape. I had these in real life long before LEGO Digital Designer was around, (except for the Diesel!) and only recently recreated them in Digital format. I had him make them in Black and red, as black was a realistic color to build in, and a red stripe at the base was used on some offical 1980's LEGO steam engines, so I took that and ran with it. They may not look the best, but I played with them well, and tried to recrate them as best I could. (Note: the doors from the bagggage car are left off because they are not in LDD.)

Here are the pics:


Stream locomotive # 5972. (based off of the engine set #7722)


Diesel engine #1193 (taken from ChromeKnight, as stated above.)


Mail / Brake Van (based off of the engine set #7722)


Baggage car (based of a boxcar from set #4563. Sliding doors are black in real life.)


Passenger coaches, (there are three of these, and the basic design is from #7715)


The whole cosist, minus which ever engine is pulling.


The whole system. I'm thinking of exapnding.

Here's the LXF. Enjoy it, for I certainly have!

Black & Red Train

By the way, Comments, Questions, and complaints are always welcome!

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