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Sebeus I

Eruption at Volcano Island

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[pid][/pid] 203D

The final round of the Pirates Part Plunder is over, my last entry :


Forbidden cove members can cast a vote.

The seed part:




The lantern looks nice but unfortunatly it cannot be used on a ship easely.

The sail worked ou pretty well, originally I wanted it all white but I was short on just 1 white cone piece so I took traffic cones.


A cone piece as a volcano :pir-sweet:


Using a cone piece for a cannon was probably the most obvious thing to do,

I'm happy with how the corners of the building turned out, I used inverted slopes over a 1/2 ofset cone piece, it's a pretty good fit.


I'm not sure about my new boat, it reminds me of those paper boats which you can fold into a hat :pir-laugh:

Anyway, I loved this contest and I advise everyone to join these kind of contests whenever you have the chance, it really improves your builds.

And in the best case you even win a prize :pir-oh:

This particular contest consisted out of 4 rounds in 4 weeks, each round a different seed part.

Here are my 4 entries;





(Oh and don't forget to vote :pir-grin: )

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I like it,especially the volcano.The sea monster thingy looks like its bored. :pir-sweet:

Edited by seba

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this is really good. I like the mini island and ship and also the monster haha. :pir-laugh:

the monster indeed looks like: Oh well, here we go again.

keep up the good work :thumbup:

Edited by Lord Cutler Beckett

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