MOC: I2 Kuhlwagen

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Hello Everyone

I would like to share some photos of a rebuild of an earlier model of mine. The I2 Kuhlwagen is inspired by the typical refrigerator vans built during the early to mid 1900s, the design of this particular model emulates the style of vans built between the 1940s till 1960s. Before the introduction of engine or electric powered cooling units to refrigerator vans from around the late 1960s onwards refrigerator vans relied on blocks of Ice or Dry ice to produce cold air, this air would be circulated throughout the vans interior by using roof top rotors to create an airflow.




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Really nice Steinkopf. I love your building style. This gives me an LGB vibe. I like shorter length wagons and this build seems to have just the right amount of detail. The black train logo, yellow wheel, and black climbing bricks on the side work perfectly. I wish I had a few of those sliding doors in white - are those from the Paradisa theme? Great build and just as an FYI, each of your MOCs have been indexed.

Great little wagon - I look forward to seeing what you'll be building next.

On a side note, my only attempt to use tiles in a similar manner has been this little hopper:


Perhpas I'll try building a new set of freight cars down the road including a refrigerator wagon as you've done nicely. :thumbup:

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