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Modular Western Town

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Some time ago marshal_banana won our Spaghetti Western competition with a stunning (modular) Western Town.

He's now doing pretty well on CUUSOO, so let's help him make the 10.000 votes for this MOC to be considered by LEGO for production. Who wouldn't a new Western Theme that comes with a Western Town where each house can be bought as an individual set?

Wanna help out and remind LEGO how much we want Western to return? Go here on CUUSOO to cast your vote!

EDIT: And now Brickset is teaming up with Eurobricks to see if we can get this to LEGO Review status at Cuusoo by achieving 10000 supporters. If the Minecraft community can do it for their chosen model, so can the online LEGO community! VOTE NOW!!!

EDIT2: There's Gambort joining our little experiment on The Brothers Brick

EDIT3: More sites in the LEGO community are supporting: Toys N Bricks, Classic-Town and Railbricks.

EDIT4: Our very own Classic-Pirates and Star Wars Blog both jumped on the train!

EDIT5: 2500 supporters reached - Lets see if we can do that number x4 :sweet:

EDIT6: 3000+ supporters reached!

If there are other communities out there willing to support, your help is much appreciated!


Go here for more pictures and vote for your favorite building

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