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The Town Called "Studs-On-Bricks"

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Since I have an Aussie town built, partly built Danish one, I need a Lego City style town so here we go the beginning of "Studs-On-Bricks". The three of them will be part of my next Railshow display.


Here we see our friendly Lego City Bank with new pavement around it, scored the inspiration from the Lego catalogue in the city section.


So I had to redesign the tyre fitting bay, but hey it works even better in this location and it's on a turntable, plus you can store the jack handle on the post so when it's not in use no one walks into it ! :wink:

(I'm thinking battery stand too now....oh, the battery style from good old 377 :wink: )

Suggestions, ideas, comments, etc., welcome....keep on watching everyone ! :classic:

Edit - this town will not have Lego road plates except if they are in a set, all buildings will be actual sets produced by Lego though add-on's will be MOC's. The space on the right of the bank will be for the new medical centre later in the year.

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Looking promising as always, LT! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

I'm not particularly fond of the lights in that position, because of all the gray in the background (in the bank) -- but I guess it's just something for that one camera angle and it's probably going to work once you get more buildings around and take a couple of other pictures.

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Thanks for the feedback 'HighFlyer' and 'Artifex'....great hearing from both of you again. :sweet:

Anyway, that street light might be moved to in front of the 7993 service station next to a modified city corner bus stop, as a post box might just go in front of the bank to help with the colour break-up......good spotting 'Artifex'....thanks. :classic:

I'll try and do more work today on it, shortly I will starting working again on my Danish town, plus some refresh work on New Mannum. :wink:

Keep on watching everyone ! :wink:

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