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Maersk Madness Winners!

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Sometimes contests at Eurobricks are not just about building the most incredible MOC, especially of the LEGO Train variety. This past weekend, EB LEGO Train fans participated in a different type of contest based on photography. In a fun and entertaining topic called Maersk Madness, LEGO Maersk owners had the opportunity to photograph their official LEGO Maersk Train and share their image in a "most unique and interesting" photograph contest. As always, the quality of the entries were superb and after EB members cast their votes for best LEGO Train image, the winners were awarded an exclusive LEGO Maersk blue EB Train Tech tag.

Congratulations to EB's LEGO Maersk Train photograph winners!

First Place: Woolie (Night Shot)

Second Place: Vlai23 (Mad Tea Party)

Third Place: Wondermonkey (Beach Scene)

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