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MOC: Surfing wave

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Hello there from sunny and hot Australia!

I have created this ocean wave that is about to break, with surfers on it. I hope that you enjoy it, and I look forward to reading your comments on it. Unlike the first, smaller version of this wave, I thought that it belongs under the Special Themes section, please contact me if it does not.


^ As you can see, it is mostly made of 1x2 plates and 1x1 round bricks. I started with blue and medium blue at the base and gradually introduced the transparent blues as it went up the wave.


^ The structure allows for great flexibility and the wave can be bent/curled into a tube.


^ This is the back. It holds up the rest of the wave and is attached to the baseplates.


^ That is one cool surfer girl.


^ Wipeout!! The wave for too much for this little-surfer-guy! Credit to Dave Allen for the idea.

This creation was initially inspired by I Scream Clone's Life's A Beach scene.

Thank you for looking!

Edited by Rufus

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Great work. It looks just like a wave. I like the variation in blues.

That is the technique I used for building a tower on my castle. Nicely done.

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Very cool. I like the wipeout surfer. :tongue: The wave looks great with all the blue hues and the little bits of white throughout.

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That wave looks really awesome, and so real and lively! :sweet: Great job!

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