Winter Village: Old Train Station

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My entry

Hello everybody! Gee, what a rush!

I had everything ready for upload when... brickshelf (BS) stopped working again. I could not believe it. *huh*

I tried several times but there was nothing to do. Having to open an account on another site was already getting on my nerves when there was too many questions to answer so I decided to attach one picture to the message.

I still struggled with that because I don't think I ever did it on the Eurobricks' site.

It seems the quality is not too good, sorry :blush:

I hope I managed to get it on time, otherwise, oh well...

I'll talk a bit about my entry.

I figured every winter village should have a train station. I think it is the safest way to get there when there is tons of snow! I decided to represent an old building reconverted into a train station because of the colors I own most. I added 4 minifigs of the Series representing a winter theme waiting for the train and there is one minifig behind the counter selling the tickets (not seen on picture).

As I'm not used to do MOCs, I tried to make it simple. Especially because my collection of bricks is not as big as I wish it was (I guess it's everybody's problem :classic: ) and because I don't have anything sorted out.

I do not know the quantity of pieces and I really don't know how somebody can tell that feature without taking everything apart to count them. :laugh:

I'd really like to share better pictures with you and I'll do it as soon as BS starts working again.

A good night

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Okay, so Brickshelf is still not working...

I took time and read everything to open a Flickr account. That was easier than what I thought. :tongue:

I therefore present better pictures of my MOC:


6795077047_5a5067e210.jpg 6795077059_c8b1618d52.jpg

Thanks for watching.

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