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6 hours ago, danth said:

possible alternatives: Pirates/Spies (think Blacktron or Spyrius), space races, rescues, mecha competitions, first to the treasure

The Pirates and Spies idea would be pretty cool to see, particularly if Lego were to make the next Alpha Team/Agents/Ultra Agents action theme also the next Space Police theme at the same time! Also, Space Racing would be a most vibrant and colorful antidote to Star Wars, with no shortage of eccentric characters, wild color schemes, vibrantly-hued canopies, sponsorship branding galore, and an endless variety of spacecraft styles! :thumbup: :grin:

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A new Space Exploration theme (Exploriens) would be nice with ships build in segments and exploration center.

The crew is searching for fossils and examining them with X-Ray.

Some light functions in the sets would be a nice feature. 

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