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MOC: Race to the Chopper

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A squad of ADU (Advanced Deployment Unit :wink: ) troopers is being chased by rebel "Reclaimers" to their evac point. The area has been overrun by rebels and the peacekeeping force is exfiltrating, but the rebels aren't letting them go without a fight. They have put a machine gun turret on a truck and even a mounted a light machine gun in the door of a light sports plane, and the Special Forces have been chased in their Puma Fast Attack Vehicle all the way to the extract point, where the chopper and it's crew have also been engaged by rebels.

Will the Spec Ops in the Jeep make it into the chopper bed and lift off to safety, or will the rebels learn to shoot their rockets straight?


DSCN0598 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr


DSCN0600 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr


DSCN0624 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr


DSCN0607 by Clonecommando007, on Flickr

Flickr Set

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Comments and Criticism appreciated!

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Nice work Clonecommando! I like the vehicles you've constructed and all of the action contained within the diorama. Perhaps you could next make a scene of the ADU returning with reinforcements.

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Wow, action packed! That rebel truck is cool, but I especially like the blue house. Cool dio! I too hope to see a sequel of the ADU getting a little payback!

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