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MOC: Minifig Alien!

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Now, these have been done many times before, and better I'm sure, but I set out to make a simple minifigure-scale Alien [Xenomorph for you nerdier people] that had all the features it was required to have, and still feel aesthetically appropriate when compared to a normal Minifigure. My goals always trend more towards "Make it look like what LEGO woulda made."

Here's the result, which I made in LDD as it was easier to do it there than it was to get an in-focus photo. [i did have the parts to make two of these guys, and I think it'd be neato to make a bunch more.]




So yeah. Simple as a pimple, but as that was the goal, I'm pleased. And easy to make in bulk. Now if only they'd make that t-bar in black...

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A very effective build! The scorpion + fang combo for representation of respiratory organs and the tail is exceptionally clever!

I like how this is more in proportion to a regular minifig compared to more elaborate brick built approaches that would usually sport some more bulk.

Only the "stiffness" of the legs puts this a little off, as it takes away much from the original creature's organic flavour. Yet I couldn't think of any other part fitting the assembly that would convey a more organic look, I give you that.

But all in all the pros outweigh the cons by far! Thank you for sharing!

Be well!


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I agree. Using the scorpion is a nice idea, and the whole thing is incredibly small. I'd love to see about twenty of these running across a building table.

I wonder if you could make the legs poseable by using some other parts? The mechanical arms are great, and coming up with another solution that stays just as small is not easy. There are not very many parts that small.

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I've been fighting with the legs quite a bit and I can't seem to come up with anything that keeps the proportions this has.

I'd be likely to go with this with these inverted as the feet, if only the claw things came in black.

But then that has the effect of making the other limbs and tail look too small.

But all in all, the more skeletal shape of these dudes have really grown on me in the last day and a half they've been standing on my desk. And he, Minifigures don't have knees either, so they fit in that way.

Now to Bricklink the required parts to build about 25 more.

For reference, I was aiming for the original, original Alien design, like here.

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