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Spartan Trireme MOC

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Originally I only had this ship posted over on the Historical LEGO forum, thinking that it's not really suitable for the pirates theme. However after looking at the Ship MOCs Index I noticed that Galleys was listed as one of the ship types.

So I decided that I might as well add this ship over here. Feel free to delete this thread if you feel fit moderators if you think it isn't piratey enough :pir_laugh2:

This is a Trireme (Which means it had 3 rows of oarsmen), these were used during the 5th Century BC by Spartans during the Greco-Persian wars. Mine is based off a real replica off one (loosely) called Olympias. I think my favourite thing about this ship is the fact that very few people have replicated a Trireme in LEGO, It makes me feel unique :laugh:

So here it is.


The ram at the front is used to smash into other ships and hopefully make a hole in the hull. Triremes usually had eyes painted on the bow.


This ship has 60 Minifigs to row it, they range from Darth Vader to Father Christmas.


The back section of the ship uses a viking hull, the shape was perfect for the back, though I needed to add a bit extra to the sides using a bit of sloping and SNOT in order to cover up a big gap.


This is my favourite shot of the ship, probably because it's the only semi-clear one I have :laugh:

I hope you enjoyed seeing my slightly unconventional LEGO ship, Comments and Criticism are welcome!


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Loved this when I saw it in the history forum. :pir-wub:

Now that you've posted it here why don't you try turning it into a cannon-era galley? Major changes I can think of are to make it into a one-decker, give it fixed cannons in front, and lateen sails.

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It's a cool ship, but as this is a copy of the topic in the history forum I have to close this.

Indeed, galleys are listed as pirate ships, referring to galleys from the age of sail. (Venetia, Ottoman Empire...)

So I have to lock this up, as it doesn't fit within the category we're looking for, and there is already a topic about in the history forum, where it belongs. :pir-wink:

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