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Need help building a moc from scratch :(

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I would like to attempt to build a Snowspeeder from scratch. Preferably one slightly larger than the current lego version, that can comfortably fit pilot/co-pilot.

I am absolutely fine at modding things with a current building skeleton (like an AT-TE has a basic frame to which everything is attached) I just can not quite get how or where to start from scratch for this idea... my lego supply is limited so it would probably have to evolve from my head initially and then multiple bricklink orders... but I just dont know how to start best... I need help in learning this (I understand inspiration cannot be taught, only thought up) but perhaps a point in the right direction if someone would know? I have downloaded LDD and would like to perhaps use this to help, but it appears so daunting, especially as I do not know the names, or even the extent of range of bricks available to use :(

Here is an example of my current ability at modification skills on an AT-TE... ( I am currently playing around with making the side/rear armour plates SNOT bricks)

Link to my flickr, ARC republic gunship modifications:

top modified to be smoother

more pics of the AT-Te are also found there!

Please, any C&C is hugely appreciated.






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Might this help?

Just remember to use 3x3 or 4x4 wedges at the nose, instead of those 3x6s...:wink:

My god! If I could have built one half as good :o

From the looks of it, he has had to use the 3x6's to keep the higher ridge in line with the outer wedge plate, otherwise it would start touching at the outer tip, and then gradually pull away giving the contour of the apex of the 2 front wedge plates on either side a 'mediocre' finished look. I do see your point though, as they do go back too far...

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