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Avalonian Embassy in Nocturnus

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Built into the Rakath Mountains, on the outskirts of the town near Dr Rod's Tower, the Avalonian Embassy provides an invaluable services to traders and citizens of Avalonia.


The front gate includes a rampart and watchtower, with a signal fire providing a directional guide amidst the gloom of the Darklands.


The internal buildings include:

* an office for official business with accomodation for the ambassador above


* locable storage area for supplies


* Meeting room situated above the main complex, built into a ledger of the mountains


A tunnel system in the mountains, accessed by the arched entrance above the storage area, provide extra accomodation and storage for the men and women working in the embassy and for those requiring the services of Avalonia.

The first load of supplies are now arriving from Avalonia, much to the relief of the builders who watch on from the rampart above the front gate


A rock arch was crafted as a welcome sign for those visiting the embassy.


An internal picture of the Embassy showing the buildings (I had to remove part of the rampart to get this shot)


And an overhead shot showing the layout


I would have liked to build a rock wall behind the whole structure, to better show how it is built into the mountain, but I ran out of dark bley bricks, so you will just have to use your imaginations.

Any comments, tips or criticism are greatly appreciated.


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Looks great Xyver! I love the stone arch over the entrance, the many ladders that gives the whole embassy a busy look! And I really like the fact that you managed to put in those premolded wall pieces in the embassy and it´s still looking good! :thumbup:

The only thing I´m missing is an overall picture, where you have your camera a little higher up so we can see the whole thing..

Great work!

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Nice. It looks a lot like Nocturnus in my opinion. Perfect! Very nice design though and I like the rocky walls. It looks small and compact on the outside, but surprisingly quite spacious inside.

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