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Hello from Holland

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Hello there,

Firstly I'll introduce myself a bit. My name is Stephan den Ridder, I'm 17 years old. I live in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Well that was about it for myself :tongue:. I've got a father, mother, sister and two gerbils: Viva and Vida!

The main reason I joined Eurobricks is that I love building etc. with Lego. My favourite theme is definetly Technic! Besides building with Lego, I like to build models in Lego Digital Designer. And with those new parts updates that becoming more and more fun :laugh:. The sets I mostly built in LDD are sets from themes as Architecture, Large Scale Models (Eiffel Towe, Statue of Liberty etc), Star Wars UCS, Exclusives, Modulars and just sets I really love (but unfortunately don't have :cry_sad:) such as Nitro Muscle, and Menace (I'm the proud owner of the Intimidator). I also love to build things in LDD I do have, but are also a bit of a exclusive (Batmobile, Sopwith Camel, VW T1 Camper Van).

At this moment of writing I'm still waiting for the instructions of the Robie House.

My absolute dream, I think, is having the instructions for the Lego Inside Tours. Those would be lovely to made with LDD.

About my Lego Technic. I've got al the Flagships since the release of the Mobile Crane, except the Off-Roader. I actually don't like these kind of vehicles, they don't have much function. So I think I'll pass on this years Rock Crawler. But the Logging Truck is just saying my name: Stephan... Stephan... Stephan...

So I'm really looking forward 'til Lego releases their next bunch of instructions :thumbup:

Unfortunately I have to go back to study for my test tomorrow :cry_sad:

Good evening to you all!!

Edited by Stephan

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Welcome to EB. This is a great Lego site with many tips.

There are great subforums to help out with any information you may need.

Good luck on your test!

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