MOC: Kenosha North Pier Light

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indexed.gif B-OV-19C

The Kenosha North Pier lighthouse is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It's a typical "Lake Michigan red tower", a sibling to the Milwaukee Pierhead Light. This light was built in 1906 as a replacement for the "Old Kenosha Light".

-From the Wikipedia article


I built this for the KLUG (Kenosha LEGO Users Group) trolley layout. It is built at 1 stud:1 foot scale, roughly minfigure scale. It is made up of 11 circular sections of decreasing size, with a difference of only 1/2 plate in diameter between each neighboring section.


I had a lot of fun building this one... see if you can guess how the sections are attached! Every red section is physically connected to each neighboring red section - only the base and balcony are "gravity" connected.



Click any of the pictures to see them bigger on my Flickr! And here are some pictures of the real thing.

I'd love to hear what you think!


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Excellent light house 'Jameson42', bang on target....looks just like the real one ! :classic:

Brick On ! :wink:

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Funky looking lighthouse...I like it. :laugh: I'm not familiar with it, but the scene looks great. Judging from the other comments, I'd say you captured the desired effect right.

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From another Wisconsinite - great work! I grew up in Sheboygan, and the Sheboygan lighthouse and Kenosha lighthouse were built at roughly the same time and to the same design. I can say you've definitely captured the look of these Great Lakes lighthouse quite well.

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