The Library of Albion

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For many years the Library Hall ofAlbion has been preserving the ancient records of Avalonia. Vervlin Ufelece is the caretaker and . Found within the hall are thousands of manuscripts that date back hundreds of years. Ranger Kydern and his Elven friend are paying a visit to Verlin to hopefully gain some information concerning an ancien relic of Mitigardia.


The Library Hall of Albion by K.Kreations, on Flickr


The Side. by K.Kreations, on Flickr


The Roof by K.Kreations, on Flickr

Small slitted windows provide light to the top study room of the library.

I have finally gotten around to building this. I started out wanting to build a Ranger Outpost for the capital but I came out with this. I will still be building the Ranger Outpost.

Now I can start on my Embassy. C&C are always welcome.

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nice little library. I like the technique on the roof with the minifig legs I might have to borrow that.

Wish there were a few more photos. the entrance looks nice too but I really cant see it too well.

Looking forward to your embassy

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Thanks Mb! I'm glad ou like it and feel free to use the leg technique any time! Sorry for lack of pictures but I only had a short period of time.

Now I must return to my mad sorting of white bricks for my embassy.*hint*

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Some very nice techniques you put in the moc! I like it!!

Perhaps some windows?

Great work K. Kreations!!

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