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MOC: MOW Vechicle

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So I received 2 3179s (City repair truck) for my birthday from different people last year. I had them both in different parts of my city but I thought one could be made into a MOW vehicle. I had already MOD'd one of them, reworking the storage boxes and cherry picker so I decided to MOD it some more. This week I picked up 2 7936s, mainly for the track and the parts I figured I needed for my new vehicle.

The first challenge was to add the train wheels to my truck. To do this I raised the entire truck one plate to allow room for the train wheels to fit under the bumpers when in the up position. I also had to modify both bumpers to make room. I swapped out the cherry picker for the crane arm. With the exception of a couple of plates this is built entirely from the original two sets.

Here it is with the crane arm deployed


You can see I replaced the cheeseslopes with plates on the front bumper. This gives just the smidge of space needed when the wheels are up. I put those cheese slopes on the roof to serve as a holding place for the crane are when it is not deployed.


The rear view. I made the rear bumper only one stud high. I also pushed it out a brick to make it flush with the back of the truck box.


The other side with tool rack.


Crane arm put away. There is an area for misc cargo.


Another shot from the side with the train wheels in the up position.


There you have it. Thanks for looking!

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