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Welcome to Train Tech forum's MOC Index! Find inspiration for your next build by browsing through this spectacular array of Train MOCs!

Help us indexing your MOC more quickly by posting a correctly sized thumbnail of your creation (160x120 pixels, horizontal) somewhere in your MOC topic! Also, if you have older MOCs that haven't been indexed feel free to request indexing by posting a thumbnail as above and the link to your topic in this thread.

Pictorial MOC Index (2012-)

Old MOC Index (2004-2010)

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Pictorial MOC Index (2012-)

Steam Locomotives

gallery_174_179_27381.jpg . gallery_174_179_4163.jpg . gallery_174_179_14690.jpg . gallery_174_179_22042.jpg . gallery_174_179_38305.jpg . gallery_174_179_14190.jpg . gallery_174_179_9625.jpg . gallery_174_179_28642.jpg . gallery_174_179_37700.jpg . gallery_174_179_21206.jpg . gallery_174_179_19126.jpg . gallery_174_179_16961.jpg . gallery_174_179_38015.jpg . gallery_174_179_2619.jpg . gallery_174_179_35527.jpg . gallery_174_179_23684.jpg . gallery_174_179_34645.jpg . gallery_174_179_14931.jpg . gallery_174_179_29230.jpg . gallery_174_179_31009.jpg . gallery_174_179_38297.jpg . gallery_174_179_20699.jpg . gallery_174_179_21561.jpg . gallery_174_179_46194.jpg . gallery_174_179_12054.jpg . gallery_174_179_23221.jpg . gallery_174_179_9757.jpg . gallery_174_179_40455.jpg . gallery_174_179_41193.jpg . gallery_174_179_39886.jpg . gallery_8966_239_14964.jpg . gallery_8966_239_24825.jpeg . gallery_8966_239_11303.jpeg . gallery_8966_239_15325.jpeg . gallery_8966_239_20282.jpeg . gallery_8966_239_20968.jpg . gallery_8966_239_15073.jpeg . gallery_8966_239_13472.jpg . gallery_8966_239_1441.jpg . gallery_8966_239_17727.jpg . gallery_8966_239_24141.jpg . gallery_8966_239_14151.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3796.jpg . gallery_8966_239_21910.jpeg . gallery_8966_239_18060.jpg . gallery_8966_239_16328.jpg . gallery_8966_239_24216.jpg . gallery_8966_239_14158.jpg . gallery_8966_239_1536.jpg . gallery_8966_239_27185.jpg . gallery_8966_239_24592.jpg . gallery_8966_239_10175.jpg . gallery_8966_239_23405.jpg . gallery_8966_239_13933.jpg . gallery_8966_239_18626.jpg . gallery_8966_239_15115.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20705.jpg . gallery_8966_239_317.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3866.jpg . gallery_8966_239_16528.jpg . gallery_8966_239_16039.jpg . gallery_8966_239_492.jpg . gallery_8966_239_4059.jpg . gallery_8966_239_10365.jpg . gallery_8966_239_12988.jpg . gallery_8966_239_6882.jpg . gallery_8966_239_12226.jpg

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Diesel Locomotives

gallery_174_179_2243.jpg . gallery_174_179_32995.jpg . gallery_174_179_29514.jpg . gallery_174_179_23072.jpg . gallery_174_179_16418.jpg . gallery_174_179_35051.jpg . gallery_174_179_36462.jpg . gallery_174_179_30891.jpg . gallery_174_179_17936.jpg . gallery_174_179_40336.jpg . gallery_174_179_20086.jpg . gallery_174_179_10622.jpg . gallery_174_179_23160.jpg . gallery_174_179_6365.jpg . gallery_174_179_15496.jpg . gallery_174_179_30988.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20178.jpg . gallery_8966_239_11050.jpg . gallery_8966_239_325.jpg . gallery_8966_239_10423.jpg . gallery_8966_239_22090.jpg . gallery_8966_239_12350.jpg . gallery_8966_239_5470.jpg . gallery_8966_239_2357.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3074.jpg . gallery_8966_239_16162.jpg . gallery_8966_239_9712.jpg . gallery_8966_239_27749.jpg . gallery_8966_239_16559.jpg . gallery_8966_239_33852.jpg . gallery_8966_239_18810.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20972.jpg . gallery_8966_239_21516.jpg . gallery_8966_239_394.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3289.jpg . gallery_8966_239_9292.jpg . gallery_8966_239_11608.jpg . gallery_8966_239_4542.jpg . gallery_8966_239_6094.jpg . gallery_8966_239_17122.jpg

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Electric Locomotives & Rail Cars

gallery_174_179_30503.jpg . gallery_174_179_9958.jpg . gallery_174_179_35923.jpg . gallery_174_179_14100.jpg . gallery_174_179_22883.jpg . gallery_174_179_5732.jpg . gallery_174_179_19953.jpg . gallery_174_179_39812.jpg . gallery_174_179_4876.jpg . gallery_174_179_27667.jpg . gallery_174_179_27178.jpg . gallery_174_179_30218.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3088.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3580.jpg . gallery_8966_239_21181.jpg . gallery_8966_239_2737.jpg . gallery_8966_239_22588.jpg . gallery_8966_239_8548.jpg . gallery_8966_239_8935.jpg

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Passenger Trains

gallery_174_179_14337.jpg . gallery_174_179_44855.jpg . gallery_174_179_5153.jpg . gallery_174_179_18208.jpg . gallery_174_179_1287.jpg . gallery_174_179_19940.jpg . gallery_174_179_16493.jpg . gallery_174_179_34555.jpg . gallery_174_179_25485.jpg . gallery_174_179_37732.jpg . gallery_174_179_27991.jpg . gallery_8966_239_11733.jpg . gallery_8966_239_9881.jpg . gallery_8966_239_25685.jpg . gallery_8966_239_13912.jpg . gallery_8966_239_10475.jpg . gallery_8966_239_9280.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20091.jpg . gallery_8966_239_16145.jpg . gallery_8966_239_38117.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3947.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20347.jpg . gallery_8966_239_15370.jpg

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Holiday, Thomas, and Other Misc-Themed Trains

gallery_174_179_15731.jpg . gallery_174_179_27361.jpg . gallery_174_179_7892.jpg . gallery_174_179_31543.jpg . gallery_174_179_30520.jpg . gallery_174_179_32925.jpg . gallery_174_179_5628.jpg . gallery_174_179_29086.jpg . gallery_174_179_28032.jpg . gallery_8966_239_2460.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20319.jpg . gallery_8966_239_17024.jpg . gallery_8966_239_26026.jpg . gallery_8966_239_14491.jpg . gallery_8966_239_28250.jpg . gallery_8966_239_21956.jpg

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Freight Trains

gallery_174_179_947.jpg . gallery_174_179_28549.jpg . gallery_174_179_39957.jpg . gallery_174_179_3682.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20370.jpg . gallery_8966_239_19881.jpg . gallery_8966_239_13727.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3578.jpg . gallery_8966_239_17644.jpg . gallery_8966_239_19321.jpg

Freight Cars & Cabooses

gallery_174_179_7088.jpg . gallery_174_179_20155.jpg . gallery_174_179_10954.jpg . gallery_174_179_21003.jpg . gallery_174_179_3322.jpg . gallery_8966_239_2043.jpg . gallery_8966_239_12080.jpg . gallery_8966_239_8378.jpg . gallery_8966_239_11381.jpg . gallery_8966_239_11988.jpg . gallery_8966_239_3771.jpg . gallery_8966_239_43359.jpg . gallery_8966_239_16594.jpg . gallery_8966_239_5864.jpg

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gallery_174_179_6992.jpg . gallery_8966_239_8097.jpg . gallery_8966_239_5813.jpg

Maintenance & Rail Vehicles

gallery_174_179_10539.jpg . gallery_174_179_41148.jpg . gallery_174_179_36033.jpg . gallery_174_179_22058.jpg . gallery_174_179_3596.jpg . gallery_174_179_19530.jpg . gallery_174_179_16530.jpg . gallery_174_179_19314.jpg . gallery_174_179_24796.jpg . gallery_174_179_37716.jpg . gallery_8966_239_32461.jpg . gallery_8966_239_22432.jpg . gallery_8966_239_6923.jpeg . gallery_8966_239_29539.jpg . gallery_8966_239_5862.jpg

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Train Stations

gallery_174_179_27239.jpg . gallery_174_179_45750.jpg . gallery_174_179_21809.jpg . gallery_174_179_21344.jpg . gallery_174_179_13757.jpg . gallery_174_179_37819.jpg . gallery_174_179_24999.jpg . gallery_174_179_33248.jpg . gallery_174_179_23581.jpg . gallery_174_179_17487.jpg . gallery_174_179_39515.jpg . gallery_174_179_23001.jpg . gallery_174_179_8556.jpg . gallery_8966_239_24483.jpg . gallery_8966_239_20674.jpg . gallery_8966_239_17044.jpg . gallery_8966_239_5824.jpg . gallery_8966_239_4255.jpg . gallery_8966_239_8166.jpg . gallery_8966_239_19960.jpg

Trackside Structures

gallery_174_179_7660.jpg . gallery_174_179_905.jpg . gallery_174_179_18618.jpg . gallery_174_179_4182.jpg . gallery_174_179_42966.jpg . gallery_8966_239_9255.jpg . gallery_8966_239_1682.jpg . gallery_8966_239_11681.jpg . gallery_8966_239_15298.jpg . gallery_8966_239_1239.jpg . gallery_8966_239_1521.jpg . gallery_8966_239_15198.jpg . gallery_8966_239_173.jpg . gallery_8966_239_19958.jpg . gallery_8966_239_19072.jpg . gallery_8966_239_25794.jpg

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Yards & Intermodal Facilities

gallery_174_179_9469.jpg . gallery_174_179_34451.jpg . gallery_174_179_36262.jpg . gallery_8966_239_10677.jpg

Town Scenes & Complete Layouts

gallery_174_179_15004.jpg . gallery_174_179_38768.jpg . gallery_174_179_54745.jpg . gallery_174_179_44802.jpg . gallery_174_179_41505.jpg . gallery_174_179_49324.jpg . gallery_174_179_45752.jpg . gallery_8966_239_12994.jpg . gallery_8966_239_9277.jpg . gallery_8966_239_27693.jpg . gallery_8966_239_21435.jpg

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Train Bridges & Trestles

gallery_174_179_20739.jpg . gallery_174_179_49364.jpg . gallery_8966_239_19128.jpg

Miniature Scale Trains & Layouts

gallery_174_179_25619.jpg . gallery_174_179_29622.jpg . gallery_174_179_40144.jpg . gallery_174_179_31096.jpg . gallery_174_179_31708.jpg . gallery_8966_239_1912.jpg

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LEGO Train Tech

Old MOC Index (2004-2010)


Train MOCs


10183 Hobby Train, 12 Volt MOC: LEGO Train 12 Volts

12V version of steam engine 3741: hoeij

12V Yellow Locomotive, Based on Set 162: AJW

18 Years of 4536: Gambort

1940s Blue Tram: Captain Green Hair

2-2-4 Steamer: Unitron6991

2-10-4 Texas Style Monkey Motion WIP: Cooper

4-8-4 Emerald Night: Cooper

4559 Cargo Railway with Power Functions: ZueriHB

50ct for an Hogwarts Express Engine: Rumpelmuck

7-wide Emerald Night Carriage: Brickzone

7-wide Passenger Cars: Cooper

7634 Improvise Shunter, From Farm to Rail: Sergio

7720 Redux, A 9V version of the classic Battery Train Engine: Cyclone Breezerider

7898 Cargo Train converted to Power Functions: Goldenmasamune

ACTS 5814: Aawsum

Allegheny In Action, YouTube Video: SavaTheAggie

Alternative designs for set 4564: Selander

Armored Train Project: Madcat2000

Asthlom CP2601, Replica of a Portuguese electric engine: Sergio

Australian National Flat Box Car: lightningtiger

Ballast Wagon: lightningtiger

Baltimore & Ohio EM-1 Steam Locomotive: Cale

BBB&C "new" 4-2-0 and Class A Shay locomotives: RTN LNA

Blue Van: andythenorth

BNSF Caboose (Brickshelf Find): TheBrickster

Bogie Shunter: Matt Dawson

Bombardier CP1961, replica of portuguese diesel engine: Sergio

BR23: LEGO Train 12 Volts

BR70 - My first steam engine: Duq

Brakevan: Matt Dawson

Bridge & Train: Nimirdil

British Class 158 DMU, my first train MOC in at least 20 years! Ralph S

C&O H8 Allegheny, A Preview Completed MOC: SavaTheAggie

Caboose for the BNSF with opening side: mrblue

California State Railroad Museum, with rebuilt Cab Forward: Cooper

Cargo Train: cagri

Carless Tanker (similar to 10016): roamingstudio

Civil War Confederate Train: TheBrickster

Class 08 Diesel: crabboy329

Classic Goods Train: Tunamint

Commuter train, My very first train MOC ever: Bachus

Country Tram: AwesomeStar

CP 1400 English Electric, Replica of another orange Portugues Engine: Sergio

CSX GE Dash 8-40B, My newest prime mover: Davey

Cumbres & Toltec Senic Railroad K-36 No. 484: gcarstensen

Dark Red & Tan Coaches: Cooper

Day-Glo Special: Pepa Quin

DB Class 111, A tribute to James Mathis: Selander

DB Class 212 Locomotive, Euro-Train Goodness! Cyclone Breezerider

DD40AX, cool train (Brickshelf find): gcarstensen

Diesel Engine: Intact

Dm-308: Piotr

Duchess: Efullner

Dwarf Mining Train, If Dwarves had trains: mtMOClug

Dwarf Train: Etzel

Emerald Garratt: SavaTheAggie

Emerald Night Tender - 7 wide: CBFasi

EU40/E401: Scrat

European Hbbillns freight car: helos

Ex SP B30-7 Diesel: gcarstensen

Finnish locomotive, VR class SR1, built in Soviet Union: Selander

Flatbed wagon, Final version: Intact

GE ES44AC in CSX Livery: Davey

German Steam Train (Tusken-Fit): Darth Legolas

GJF Bogie Grain Hopper: scruffulous

Gondola: Cagri

Governor, Old-time Locomotive: Hound Knight

GP38, Wisconsin & Southern's (WSOR) GP38: legoboy3998

Great Dutch train MOC's: missouri bb63

Great Laxey Mine Railway Engine, "Bee": queq3

GWR Fruit 'D' wagon, Long wheelbased passenger freight class wagon: Bricktrix

Happy Christmas, Trains I Built: efullner

High speed European passenger trains, Videos of ICE 3, TGV, and Eurostar: lego9vtrainfan

His Majesty's Mail Service, First post-dark ages MOC: tunamint

Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Express - Olton Hall: Bricktrix

Hogwarts Express, The famous Hogwarts Express in 9V: Cyclone Breezerider

Hong Kong Cable Repairing Locomotive: Benny

Hong Kong Railway EMD G12 locomotive #51 Sir Alexander: benny

ICE 3 in motion: HoMa

Imitation 9V Trains (Brickshelf Find and Discussion): TheBrickster

InterCity Train, European style: Esben Kolind

J Cement Hopper: Scruffulous

Japan Railway Bullet train MOC, 700 and 200 series modification 1: PrinceWilliam

JR Tokaido Main Line-211, Series One of the famous Japanese Railway: andybear@hk

Köf II: Piotr

LDD Emerald Night and Passenger Train Crossover Car: Francis Marion

Lindbergh Special "The Train That Raced A Plane": Cale

Liquid Gas Transport Car: Andy16806

Link Trolley, Train Accessory: Lightningtiger

Little Green Stake Wagon: andythenorth

Load of trains, what I've built lately: gcarstensen

Lusitanian Train Hotel, Siemens CP5600 pulls Talgo4: Sergio

Lusitania Trenhotel (Talgo), Replica of spanish Talgo Cars: Sergio

M.O.W. Speeder, Small Maintenance Vehicle: Tinn-man

Making Friends: SavaTheAggie

Maryland & Pennsylvania Passenger Train, Ma & Pa Engine #6, Baggage RPO #35 and Coaches #11, and #19: Cale

Mint & Chocolate Boxcar, Sand Green and Brown works too: Cooper

Model of German DB v200 Diesel Locomotive: train lover

Modular Freight Wagon in 7 wide: vgo

Monorail Metroliner, - the monorail goddies just keep coming: CopMike

Monterey & Salinas Combo: Cooper

Metroliner Amtrak AMD-103 locomotive, USA locomotive: Benny

Modified 10194 Emerald Night, Emerald night, x2: Captain Green Hair

MP15, Wisconsin & Southern's (WSOR) MP15's: legoboy3998

My first 8 wide train model, EWS class 56: Crabboy329

My first train ever, Long term project: Intact

Nebraska Zephyr: efullner

Night Owl Express: Fp_Lego

NMBS 1600 class, Electric engine on RC base: michaelozzie

Octan Tank Car: cagri

Ohio Central SD40-2: gcarstensen

Old Swaybacked Flatcar (No Freeloading!) RTN LNA

Open-top wagon: Gambort

Outstanding German Trains, Eisenbahn Maj.Com Find: TheBrickster

Pipe Tranport: Cagri

Power Functions Boxcar: Cooper

Power Functions BR 50, German BR 50 Steam Train: Missouri_bb63

Power Functions High Speed Train with automatic doors: Esben Kolind

PRR 0-6-0 Penny Switcher: gcarstensen

PRR B8a 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive: Cooper

Pullman Coach (Digital Design) : DaCheese

Rail Tractor: scruffulous

RC Steam Engine: Efullner

Red Devil: Duq

Red Emerald Knight: Eric87

Refrigerator Cars, SBB Hbbills Refrigerated: Helos

Rio Grande train in orange: mrblue

Rocket 1829 Anno Domini: kris kelvin

Robot controlled Lego engine: Kolaf

San Fransisco Cable Cars: FP Lego

Santa Fe Based engine - 7 wide: CBFasi

Santa Fe FP-45: Walter Kovacs

Santa Fe Freight Train: NewRight

Santa Fe Super Chief pab made cars with photo: mrblue

Santa Fe Super Chief panoramic car: mrblue

Santa's White Steam Train, Going round and round underneath the Christmas tree: TheOtters

Sedona Locomotive 4-6-2: Cooper

Sentinel CP1150, Replica of portugese diesel shunter: Sergio

Scrapping of Loco 7727, The story continues.... AJW

Scruffey-Thomas Train Wagon: Mark Bellis

Simplex Locomotive: qreq3

SL7 Steamlined Steam Locomotive, History of China Railway: Made in China(he16767)

Soo SD60: gcarstensen

Southern Pacific GP40P-2: Gcarstensen

SP Pacific: zephyr1934

SRW #708 Garratt Type Steam Locomotive: SavaTheAggie

ST40s/NEWAG 311Da: Scrat

Stadler FLIRT: Ashi Valkoinen

Steam Train Engine: Matija Grguric

Swedish state railways RC class engines, MOC: Selander

Swiss SBB diesel shunter, G1700BB engine of the Swiss SBB: michaelozzie

Sydney Metro Train - 'Project Matrix' at Brickworld 2010: Davey

Texas State Railroad Engine #7: SavaTheAggie

T419P Locomotive, Czech locomotive used in Poland: Piotr

T44 freight locomotive, Green cargo: Selander

T44 Swedish locomotive: Selander

Tanker Wagons inspired by 10016: andythenorth

TEE German Express train, BR class 103 in tan-red: Selander

Texas State Railroad #300: SavaTheAggie

Texas State Railroad #500: SavaTheAggie

Texas State Railroad Tram: SavaTheAggie

TGV Atlantique SNCF: fp_lego

Tin Turtle, WW1 Trench Railway Loco: greg3

TPO Working Royal Mail pick up system, Early TPO carriage and working mail pick up: Bricktrix

Track Maintenance Machines: Captain K.

Train Wagon Tanker: Selander

Trolley: Zortker

Ty-8 russian locomotive, MOC for 750mm railway: k100m

U Louvre Van: scuffulous

V202 Locomotive of Rurtalbahn, a powerful G2000BB from Germany: Michaelozzie

Various Train Rolling Stock, Flatbed, Hoppers, & Tankers...Oh my! Cyclone Breezerider

Vossloh GD1700 switcher, European switcher: michaelozzie

Weathered Passenger Coach: Cooper

Welcome to Sava Railways, Just for fun: SavaTheAggie

Western Maryland "Russian Decapod": Cale

Western monorail trains at Brickworld 2010: CopMike

Western Train with Instructions: Gambort

Winter Station, A railway station for Emerald Night and a Winter Village: brickzone

Wonka Express: LegoLyons

Working Brown Hopper: mrblue

Working Hopper, 1981 in 21st Century: Matt Dawson

WT Water Tank Wagon: scruffulous

Yellow & Black Cargo Train Loco: Mini

ZL Guard's Van: Scruffulous

ZueriHB's Train MOCs, Swiss Trains and stuff: ZueriHB

Zwettler Cooler Car: Nexus7

TheBrickster's Classic Trains

Classic Steam Locomotive, From 7727 Electric Freight Train

Boxcar Blue, 7898 Cargo Train Boxcar Design: TheBrickster

Cattle Car: TheBrickster

Green Boxcar, Classic 12V Style 7735 Wagon

Red Shunter, Inspired from 12V Blue Diesel Shunter 7760: TheBrickster

DB Classic Train: TheBrickster

TheBrickster's Santa Fe Western Collection

Santa Fe 4-4-0 (Version #1 - scrapped)

Santa Fe Western 4-4-0 Locomotive #4

Pullman Coach

Santa Fe Hopper

Western Caboose

TheBrickster's Grave Stone Ghost Train

Grave Stone Ghost Train, My Own Ghost Train (9/6/09)

Abandoned Station: Grave Stone Train Station

4-4-0 Steam Engine with Light-Up Boiler

Skeleton Crew

Haunted Train Coach

Mysterious Mail Car: Special Delivery from Grave Stone

Frightening Freight Wagon: Make Sure to Keep the Chains On

Witch's Shanty: Beware the Curse of the Witch!

Ghastly Railroad Workers: They'll Die to Finish the Line

Rickety Water Tower: Water for the Ghost Train

Moonshine Still: Sure to Set Your Soul on Fire!

Trackside Structure MOCs

4554 Train Station: hhcBrick

Central Station, Special MOC to celebrate 500th post (Terminus of the line, CC-style): Teddy

Blocksford Signal Box, A Classic Town trackside structure: Captain Zuloo

Dockyard Rail Freight Terminal: hhcBrick

Freight Platform, Every freight train and town needs at least one: lighningtiger

Hong Kong Railway Museum, One of top 12 in Hong Kong lego competition 2010: Benny

Load and Unload Train Station: BrunoSilva13

Mountain road and rail cargo station, My own version of 4555 set: Fistach

Old European train station., A train station for my town: Polish Guy

Old Norwegian Trainstation: Fonix

Small train station from set 4954 (model town house): Holodoc

Switching Tower: Cyclone Breezerider

Trackside buildings, Signal box, freight and abandoned shed: Bricktrix

Train Crossing Signal: Lightningtiger

Train Signals: Lightningtiger

Train Station (addition to Gantry Signal Box): Nexus7

Train Station for Community Town Build: Teddy

Train Station for Emerald Night: MrTools

Train Station, New Mannum's new train station: lightningtiger

Train Trestle Bridge Segment, Just a little Tablescrap: SavaTheAggie

SRW Scenic Railway Tours - SavaTheAggie

Blue Christmas

Burning the Midnight Oil



Into the Frozen North

Little Engineer That Could with bonus!

Painted Desert


Sava Railways Scenic Tours

Steam Through the Piney Woods

Stirring The Giants

Build a Ghost Train Building Challenge MOCs

Ghost Train Carnival Ride: pe668

Death Train: Eskallon

Dead Man's Mine: Deanc

Morsmordre Express: Robuko

Jack 'O Lantern Locomotive: Bricknave

MOC: My Own Ghost Train, Ghost Line, Boo!: TheBrickster

Bricktober Transport: TheBrickster

Werewolf Wagon: TheBrickster

Haunted Station, Ghost Line Depot: TheBrickster


Dioramas, Displays, & Layouts


Layout 12v of Daniel: AFOL12v

12V Train Madness! Lots of photos of 12v Lego trains: AJW

Back on Lego Trains: Brickimad

Emerald Night Visits SharpyVille: Welcomestranger

Huge blue era collection: mendes

Lockts Layout 1: Lockt

Monorail Emerald Night Train from Brickworld: CopMike & Hinckley

My Lego Room, The place where train town castle and space meet! FreeBee

New train set up, First time in a long building a new town! banditloon

Small train yard display Swedish style vehicles and locomotives: Selander

Stuff from Panda9001100, The story behind this (huge) layout: AFOL12v

Terrible Train Town Tragedy, What Happens When Your Town Takes a Turn for the Worst?: TheBrickster

Train Layout of Panda: AFOL12v

Train Layout of Patrick, train layout with trains blgs plants etc: patje

Train Town 1: TheBrickster

Train Town 2: TheBrickster

Train Town 3: TheBrickster

Train Town 4: TheBrickster

Train Town 5: TheBrickster

Train Town 6 (Harbor and Desert): TheBrickster


Digital Designs


Belgian Trains Locs and cars from Belgium NMBS SNCB: private_lego

Caboose Bay Window: mrblue

Caboose for the BNSF: mrblue

Candy Car: Mrlegoninja

Carless Tanker (similar to 10016): roamingstudio

Classic Trains, 7725 and 7740 Restoration: jamzee

Emerald Night PAB car: mrblue

Fat Controller's Engines No. 1, Thomas: Efullner

Fat Controllers Engines, Part Two No. 2, Edward: Efullner

Fat Controller's Engines, Part Three Nos. 3 & 4, Henry and Gordon: Effulner

Fat Controller's Engines, Part Four No. 5, James the Red Engine: Efullner

Fat Controller's Engines, Part Five No. 6, Percy: Efullner

MLCAD WIP - Unnamed 0-2-4: - The Hyphen-

More Tanker Wagons: roamingstudio

PAB diesel engine: mrblue

Railjet Highspeed Train: Odyssey

Sanding House & Tower: TaltosVT

Santa Fe Super Chief pab made cars: mrblue

Santa Fe Super Chief pab panoramic car, only using pab parts: mrblue

Southern Railway USA Class 0-6-0T: Efullner

Tanker brick built, inspired by an online MOC: mrblue

Texas State Railroad in my computer - A bunch of LDraw Works in Progress: SavaTheAggie

Train Shed PAB version, if you don't want to buy an old one: mrblue

Working Hopper: mrblue


Other Non-System Train Creations


Microscale Timesaver Switching Puzzle: TaltosVT

Mini TSRR #300, A RAILFEST 2010 Exclusive: SavaTheAggie




Remember kids, Rail Zombie says: SavaTheAggie

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