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REVIEW:6670 Rescue Rig

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Hello Eurobrick comunity, first of all i must say this is my first review of any Lego set and i hope you'll like it.

Today i will do a review on a old set, 6670 Rescue Rig. I think it was my second Lego set, i received it in 1993 and after 19 years i decided to sort my pile of Lego and build some old models. I must say, i really love old Lego Town vehicles, so build this after so many years was a delight. Ok, so let's see review.

Name: Rescue Rig

Theme: LEGO System / Town

Year: 1993

Pieces: 114

Minifigs: 1

Price: US$9.25


So, this struck is based on a 4 studs structure, it comes with 1 minifig (which i can't find :cry_sad: ) and 2 road signs. One thing that i really like about old sets that are more detailed than the new ones. I really like the front lights and the grill. The doors open too, nice feature on a little set.


Another GREAT thing is that this set does NOT come with any stickers. All the pars are printed. We have 6 printed parts (4 bricks and 2 signs). I wasn't able to find one printed part, so i had to replace with another one. Here are some close shots of the set:



You can see that we get 2 tools, one hammer and a key.

These are the instructions, i'll post both photos, maybe someone needs them.


Playability: 8.5/10 - It's more than ok, you can yow cars, you get 2 road signs, 2 tools, 1 nice minifig. I really like this sets playability.

Design: 9/10 - Again, i really like the design. We get 6 printed parts, great system to hook up cars.

Price: 10/10 - I don't know what is the price for this set on ebay, but at that time this set had a great price.

Overall: 9.5/10 - I must say, after almost 20 years i find this set superb. I REALLY like it and i think it is a great addition to any Lego Town out there.

Hope you like my review and maybe i'll make some more.

Edited by Rick

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Short, but to the point review ' Freekysch '.....neat tow truck a more classic town styled one to the monster from 2009 garage eh ? (though I did like that one too :blush: )

But wouldn't those tools get in the way of the tow hitch ? :look:

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to make this review.....Brick On Review On ' Freekysch ' ! :classic:

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@lightningtiger: Well those tools kinda get in the way, but when you tow a car you can take them out.

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