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MOC: TL Samurai Jack figures

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Long ago in a distant land

I, Aku, the shapshifting master of darkness

unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE evil

But a foolish samurai warrior

wielding a magic sword

stepth forth to oppose me.

*klang klang klang*

Before the final blow was struck,

I tore open a portal in time

and flung him into the future

where my evil is law.

Now the fool seeks to return to the past

and undo the future that is AKU.


I've been a fan of Samurai Jack for a very long time, pretty much as soon as Cartoon Network arrived on Belgian television (even before that thanks to flash games :classic: ). The show is unique, combines a lot of different elements (like 20's gangsters, Spartans, high tech bounty hunters, ...) and has a very distinct feel. The style is very cinematic and only a few words are needed to tell the story. (The creator of Samurai Jack made the original Clone Wars afterwards, and gives the same feeling.)

As for as the build goes: Jack is built in my 'Tanoland' scale, which is about Miniland scale but with super articulation. (for more general info on my new 'Tanoland' figures: 'Tanoland' articulated miniland scale figures ) Since I wanted to maintain the articulation, I went with a brick built kimono, which is able to move with the legs. The hands couldn't be attached thanks to an 'illegal' connection so that'll have to wait until I get the parts for Jack. I just realised I forgot to add the scabbard, so that'll be added later on. The head was quite a challenge and I've wrestled with the design for a long time but I think I've now captured the iconic shape and style of his head and body.


TL Samurai Jack LDD by Gaetano Dooms on Flickr


TL Samurai Jack in action by Gaetano Dooms on Flickr

Samurai Jack doing his typical 'HIIIYAAAA' attack. :laugh: The hands and sword are left out since they won't attach. As you can see, the brickbuilt kimono can (more or less) move with his legs, so the articulation remains intact.

Designing it was quite tricky though. I think it looks great (better than I expected), can't wait to build this irl to see how it works. Making poses in LDD is quite difficult thanks to the many articulation points but I think it gets the picture across. I've added the LDD models to this post and will do so for the upcoming figures aswell. (So you can see the techniques or just look at it in 3D.)

I'll be working on many more characters from Samurai Jack in this scale, so stay tuned! :thumbup:

Comments and constructive critcism are appreciated as always.





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Hello again,

my next update to this thread:


TL Samurai Jack Spartan on Flickr

'Jack and the Spartans' is one of my favorite episodes from Samurai Jack, so it didn't take me very long to begin on a Spartan for this new scale.

The episode itself is based on the famous battle of Thermopylae and the artwork itself is partly based on Frank Miller's graphic novel '300'. Well except for the robot minotauri. And the rocket spears. And the fact that this is the far future, not the past.

Anyway, dark red is a difficult colour to work with because of its part palette. I'm very happy with the helmet and the rocket spear looks good so far. (Might have to look for a more aesthetically pleasing way of attaching the multiple spear parts though.) I have an idea for the shield, but that won't work in LDD.

Comments and criticism are always very appreciated! :classic:




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