MOC: Intelligent Station Bench

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As a test for my high school students (I need to coach them again next monday and so on), I prepared something for them:

Sorry that it the orientation is now and then different, I guess I'm too much used too iDevices that turn one's view already.

Idea is that the bench can detect a minifig using magnets in the pants of the minifig (like LEGO used for those magnet minifigs too). In the software one will get a notification when the minifig occupies a seat.The bench can detect that using a reed sensor switch. The chip can detect up to 8 seats (and one could connect 8 of such a chips to a micro controller so 64 detections possible ;)). We might build it in to the red passenger train 7938 and let children do certain tasks with it (my students work together with students from a pedagogical college that want to become primary school teachers).We can then for example let the children put 7 passengers on board of the train and two at the bench and detect that (e.g. only then will the train leave the station).I only used hot glue and so no LEGO was damaged (because hot glue can be peeled off), I always teach my students that they should not destroy LEGO unless there really is no other option to get the job done.


I hope to upload a tutorial to my site ASAP (or post it here if people are interested).

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Wow that's really cool default_thumbup.gif Have you thought about using this in a game for the younger children? I'm just thinking you could make it so they have to match the colours of the minifigs legs to the colours of the chairs and then the train will go to the next teams station..and then try to collect all of one colour or something... Its really cool seeing this used in the classroom.. keep up the excellent work default_classic.gif

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Colors would be a neat idea too. But they already program the train using colors. They need to put certain tiles on the tracks (or include a rail that is covered with yellow tiles).

They already have a task that includes the freight train (that is why we automated the loading ramp / conveyor belt).

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