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MOC: 'Tanoland' figure

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Greetings everyone!

First of all, I've thought about using the name 'super articulated miniland figures' but in the end these figures have deviated too much from the Miniland design to be called as such. In the end, I suppose I'm more of an 'organic' type of builder as I don't like the blocky heads for most Miniland figures. Changing the heads and looking for more articulation lead to this new figure design.

These figures were inspired by action figures, Stikfas figures and miniland figures. They originally started out as my magnofigures, which combined Technic figure bodies that had great articulation with brickbuilt heads, armour and weapons.

Since the Technic figures were an extinct race, so were my magnofigures. (Only a few standard colours were used in them.) I used the heads and weapons to make my own miniland figures, which I have done for the last few months.

I found myself inspired by Mood's (check his Moodland figures out!) work to continue looking for more articulation and as so to make brickbuilt articulated versions that would match or surpass the articulation of the Technic figures. I first used leg articulation on my Woody figure and used a lot more in my T-800 skeleton. After a few days of thinking the figure design was finally finished.

I have now achieved what I always wanted: an action figure scaled modular figure, allowing endless possibilities for customising and with great articulation (which has been accomplished without resorting to parts that only exist in a few colours). The articulation allows the figure to do almost every pose and I hope this will allow me to make brickfilms with them.

I'll now 'transfer' the figures I've already built in Miniland scale to this articulated scale as well as creating completely new ones. (I'll mark the threads with TL)

Without further undo, here it is:


Tanoland figure by Gaetano Dooms on Flickr

Feel free to share your opinion about this figure design, it would most certainly be appreciated. :classic: I'll add real life images later on to show what poses can be achieved. (It's quite tricky to get the poses right in LDD.) I've also added the LDD file so you can look at the figure in 3D.




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