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Despite the proportions being a bit distorted, this is really good. An understanding of ship design is quite evident. Many of the essential elements are present, shaped properly and of course in the correct places. Sounds like not much of a compliment, but I assure you, from me it is. The brick built sails are just awesome. Maybe the bottom of the main course is a bit too contoured, but I still see what you’re going for. I also like your use of green hull sections to look like copper, clever. If I may suggest; much of the distorted effect I mentioned can be accredited to the use of those prefab hulls. Though this forum is full of examples where builders have managed to compensate for their inaccuracy very well, it always requires compromise in design to make such a hull look realistic. Especially since you’re working in a digital environment I would recommend brick building the whole of your hull, so you can design a more dynamic hull, which will appear far more proportional to the real thing. Check out the links in my signature if you want to see some of my work as examples of my suggestion. All in all, keep going you’ve really got something here, thanks for sharing.

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Very nice work! I particularly like the brick built sails; they have a very authentic shape. Expect this to be blogged soon.



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