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MOC: Caterpillar 988H wheel loader

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indexed.gif V-LV-45B

Hello everybody!

After browsing this forum for the last couple of years, this is my first post. It's a Caterpillar 988H wheel loader in minifig scale.

About myself: I'm 38 years old and from Norway. My main interests in the world of Lego are City and Trains, both collecting sets and building MOC's. I want my MOC's to be playable, in minifig scale and close to the real world model.









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Nice, nice...very nice solid build there 'SecondAxe' ! :grin:

Excellent detailing and use of hydraulic parts too....perfection ! :grin:

Brick On Dig On 'SecondAxe' ! :classic:

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Awesome Cat 'SecondAxe'! I don't know how I missed this... I used to operate a a smaller 988B. This extremely close to the real one, great job bringing it to MF scale. Keep up the great work and welcome to EB default_classic.gif

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