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Rebel Ranking & Regiments

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This is my page of Rebel Regiments. This is from a page on wookiepedia I stumbled on. Thanks Horry from the Pirates Fourm for showing me how to use LDD for visuals.

In a Rebel Squadron, as shown below, there are 9 troopers, a Sergeant, and the Corporal, who can fill the place of an absent(dead, vacationing, sick) Sergeant.


A Rebel Platoon(4 Squads: 36 troopers, 4 sergeants, 4 corporals) is led by a Lieutenant.


A Rebel Company(4 Platoons:16 Squads: 144 troopers, 16 sergeants, 16 corporals, 4 Lieutenants) is led by a Captain.


Sorry for blurriness, I resized pics to fit the uploader, before I learned deeplinking.

There is more to this page at in the Command Structure section. Thanks for reading, please comment and explain to me what I can to do become better!

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