Seattle 1930s Speakseasy

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indexed.gif B-OM-8E & V-LV-42E

Hey there,

with both Castle and Pirates being licensed now, I gues I have to spend more time here ... :wink:

Anyway, here is my first attempt at creating something modular. I modeled the scene after some houses found around Seattle's Pioneer Square area, but I guess this could be anywhere in the US. The scene is set during the early 1930s prohibition time:

Overall view:


Front view:


The driver of the truck is smuggeling beer, that's why chooses not to be photographed:


downstairs, "fruity" bevarages are being sold:


upstairs, two gentlemen are playing pool with a lady watching them:


view from behind, showing my new "brick technique" transferred to a larger building:


Hope you all like it and feel free to tell me what could be improved!!

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Nice bar 'kabel'! The brick work is excellent and I love the truck. My only concern are the windows being a little exposing for an illegal establishment. Great job anyway default_classic.gif

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Great work 'kabel', the only thing missing is Elliot Ness and his Untouchable's raiding it ! :laugh:

Nice interior, typical for the era and that truck is close to period too ! :wink:

Brick On Drink On 'kabel' ! :wink:

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thanks a lot for your positive feedback. I really loved doing this and I'm thinking about expanding this moc. I originally just wanted to test my brickwork on a typical brick building but I guess I just caught the modular virus. The other thing is that I totally love everything 1930s outside of Germany, especially if it is American. With which I mean, cars, fashion, architecture, etc.

@LGG: You know, it's officially a juice bar :wink:

@lt: the truck is modeled after an OPEL Blitz, a ture legend on wheels, and I just assumed GM also produced it in the US

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yeah, the walls are made of 1x2 and 1x1 red, dark red and orange plates. I've actually played around with only red plates for quite a while. But that never looked good. So I just took a look at some brick walls in town, and found that the bricks never come in the same color. Some are darker, a few appear really orangen, whereas some remain red. Here are some interesting pictures of this phenomenom.

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