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My lancia stratos had 2 buggy motors connected 1:1 to the wheels with two rechargeable lego batteries... It all depends on the scale and the Weight distribution... I reckon 4 buggy motors would work if u have enough space for 4 lipo batteries 

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On 2012. 01. 02. at 10:45 AM, rm8 said:

May be i have to try light li-pol 11 v from rc models ?

Hi, as you may noticed I approach this hobby a bit more free from rules. Probably one day the Lego police is going to lock me up for building illegal things, but for the time being I keep doing it. :devil:

So by mentioning Li-po's I think I should share  my (almost) latest experiment:


This specimen is an RWD driven by a single Rc buggy motor what is feeded trough an Sbrick powered by Rc Lipo batteries. I don't recommend to use 3 cell 11.1 v Lipo as the 11.1 is a nominative voltage. When it is charged it is 12.4 V and that is way to much for safe usage in the Lego electrics. Just as Lego's rechargable Lipo, using 2 cells gives you 8.4 volts, and that will do the job. Less than 9volts, but easily gives enough amp to make the rc motor sing very happily. :wink:

Last year I shared a tutorial video about how to use Rc Lipo's with Lego

Ough, I gonna burn for this so badly. :grin:


Few more thoughts:

In the last month or two I've been buildng quite a number of drift machines to find that experience when you really in control, even even the car is skiding sideways. Most (not all) technic driftcars I've seen doing doughnuts and that's it. The video I've linked above is not the "latest", but it  has already one important feature: wheelbase. I figured as longer it is, makes handling better. Next step: It would be crucial the to have real delicate control on the throttle to achive to get the last chunk of proper handling. Unfortunatelly I couldn't make this part right. I'm using a game controller and Sbrick paired by Imurvai's app (God bless Him :wink: ). For me is miles better than any touchscreen, still I failed to make the throttle as sensitive as I wanted. But then I found the cure: AWD


This red one has two Rc motors each driving one axle. Having the front driven gave the desired handling but had to lower the grip of the tyres. Considering that the real drift tyres are much harder material than the street ones I could justify to mess with it. I don't like plastic wheels, those make horrible noise and provide no grip at all. But we need some, so my favorite asset came to the stage: Insulation tape. Gives enough grip to move the car, but not enough to keep the traction when cornering. For me the recipe was to use a strip covering about 80 percent of tyre width. This is where the caster on the front axle comes handy. When the front wheels steered any direction they are tilting as well therefore thouching the ground by their edge. The edge isn't covered by the tape, giving more grip when cornering on the front so it is pulling the car to the desired direction. While when the steering set straight there is equal (lack of) grip on both axles.

Here is a video how it drives. Excuse me for the quality, I get my new device next week and can start to record things in better (publishable) quality. Also the room is small for this kind of activity. The car is like a bird trying to fly in a cage. :cry_sad:



I hope it helps


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40 minutes ago, agrof said:

 Waiting for dedicated topic.

Certainly would be more appropriate than answering a question addressed 5 years back. Like I did above...:grin: The sign of aging:sadnew:

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The lightest way is to use a 7.4v 3rd party lipo connected to 2x PF V2 receivers (both on the same channel) with 1 buggy motor on each.

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