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Admiral Croissant

Happy New Year!

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The LEGO Pirates Forum had a very productive 2011 with the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO theme. Among many other things, this year the forum saw:

Fantastic new reviews

themill.png 4183 The Mill Review by Jim Butcher

islamuerta.png 4181 Isla de Muerta Review by Masked Builder

Entertaining discussion

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

2012 Pirates?

Contest Winning MOCs

A highly successful Pirates of the Caribbean Contest, with 21 entries in the MOC division and 26 entries in the story division.

shack.png Tia Dalma's Shack by Matn

krattack.png Attack of the Kraken by Hammelgeier

blacksmith.png Encounter at the Blacksmith's Workshop by Yatkuu

Other Outstanding MOCs

And the usual fantastic array of MOCs that we see from our forum's great MOCers such as:

guinevere.png Lady Guinevere by Derfel Cadarn

inn.png Liberty Inn by ZCerberus

Happy New Year from all of us in the Pirate Forum!

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Happy new year !

The POTC contest was very fun indeed.

I suddenly remember my intentions for 2011, I said I was going to make a castle... :pir-oh3:

Too bad it didn't happy, I must be careful when writing down my intentions for this year :pir_laugh2:

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