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REVIEW: F1 Hauler (1995)

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Sooo I was browsing the review index and noticed there wasn't a review for one of my favorite sets from childhood...that I never got the pleasure of owning until I was much older (Drat!) so I decided, why not?

Set: 6484

Theme: Race

Release: 1995

Price: 49.50 USD (Really?!)

Pieces: 269

Minifigures: 3

Resources: Brickset Bricklink Peeron


A shot of the instruction manual. No box as I bought this off ebay and it came without. I would have just thrown it away room. Decent length but let's not even imagine how many pages this bad boy would be now!


It can get a wee bit complicated but nothing too difficult for a kid to accomplish. The colors on the page show up very well.



Too many little pieces! This is hilarious in hindsight considering I just put together the massive Kingdoms Joust set a couple days ago but do get a nice little variety in colors.


The 3 minifigures that come with it. Sorry I couldn't get an up close shot but my camera wasn't having it. You have two pit crew guys and a race car driver in all his flashy colored glory.


Ahhh printed I wish you showed up a lot more. These were like gold to me as a kid and I still adore them now. Oh and just in case you can't tell this is a Formula 1 racer...


The pit stop with the many tools. Lot of tools for just a couple of guys, race car driver needs to hire some more men! If you got any of the 1995 town sets, you're gonna end up with a LOT of these gray tools. Oh and there's the blue lever thingy I forgot to get in the photo with all the pieces. What racing set is complete without it?


Halfway through the build for the little racecar. Not much here but I do hope you notice the nice little engines on the back...oh wait, that was a different photo...


Ahh there we go. Here is the completed racecar with the driver inside. It's a little different from the racecars that were introduced in the 1996 town year. Not too different but you can notice the difference when compared to the other ones...


A nice comparison shot of this racecar compared to the style of the other ones. Yea this is the only one I have...hopefully I can remedy that later.



Some first shots of the build. As you can see, it's a nice wide base compared to the other cars but this is a serious hauler, it should have some girth to it. Oh and this is where I started to drop some of those tiny pieces and grumble about how there are too many puny pieces.


A bit further along. I kind of went ahead a few steps and attached the little switch part in early because my motor doesn't stay together. I should probably just order a new one on Bricklink soon. Anyways, this gray part is important as it will allow you to switch the crank from pulling a car up to letting it down.


Just a shot inside the cab. Not much room for the other guy to sit in but a place where the driver could rest his mug or food or...well something!


The lever. A pretty simple build but it can extend out quite a bit, if you need it.


The complete set. The truck has a good bit of weight on it...probably helps there is a battery pack on it! Oh yea, the battery pack. Halfway through the build, I remembered that it needed a new battery...which meant taking apart half the set so I could add a new battery. Boooo!


View of the front, somewhat...


A shot from the side. If you're curious, it does look about the same on the other side too, except for the driver being on the other side of the cab but I digress!



A shot (Or two) from the back. As you can see, the little piece where the two yellow lights are attached is the switch. You press down on the red piece up front between the lights (which flash! And make a strange humming sound.) and then you flick it to make the crank pull up or let down. If you leave the switch in the neutral position, the motor doesn't even work but the lights still flash. Or if you switch it around, they just come on and don't flash but who wants that? If you do want that, you're no fun!


Poor poor Zane ZX. He thought he was being slick taking his new Technic racer in the mud and got stuck somehow! Luckily the Formula 1 crew was there to save his sorry hide. Let this warning to all of you Ninjago...ninjas! If it can happen to Zane ZX, it can happen to you!

So yea, this is a nice little hauler. It's much bigger than a lot of the other Lego trucks around this time (Technic doesn't count!) and it gets points for also having some flashing lights and a pulley that can be switched on the go. The colors are pretty nice as well...

Playability: 10/10 Maybe I'm being generous but with the little switch and lights, you could have a little fun with this. Plus it's a bit strong and can haul quite a bit, might as well experiment!

Design: 9/10 It's big, strong and in charge. The color scheme isn't dull either.

Price: 6/10 Maybe I'm just being a bit of a cheapskate but this doesn't seem like a 50 dollar set. I know having some lights and a motor brings up the price but still! I probably am just being a cheapskate...

Overall: 9.5/10 Price aside, this is a really cool looking set. The fact it comes with lights and a little pulley you can manipulate make it even more fun! Get it while you can...good luck with that one though, it seems like it's a bit tough to find.

Edited by Rick

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Interesting review of a very interesting set 'tiggerkiddo', a tow truck with motorised PF in sight ! :wink:

Now Lego should have done similar with the 2009 garage sets tow truck eh ? :laugh:

Great review 'tiggerkiddo', Brick On Tow On ! :grin:

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nice review. I absolutly loved that set as a kid and still use the lights and the motor on my mocs but be warned the micromotor will set you back alot now as they are selling for upwards of £20 on bricklink so value it with your life

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Nice review of a wonderful Town set I hope I can get some day. Actually, the Octan car you compared the Formula 1 car with is a 1996 release. For the pieces available (the chassis plate and the slicks of the Octan racer were not yet available in 1995)I think it looks quite good.

As a kid, I always wanted this set, while I didn't knew back then a micromotor was included. Especially n a 4-wide era, this truck looks massive. Great that there aren't any stickers included.

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Thanks for the review on this set, 'tk'. I absolutely love this set! I wasn't able to get one through shop at home when they were available but, after my dark age I was able to get one in very good condition for a little less then MRSP. It may still may be my favorite tow truck to date. default_classic.gif

I was not aware that the motor was so valuable. I can't believe it's going for almost half of what the set cost. I am not it's biggest fan, as it is noisy and slow. I have planned but, not committed to, to mod it to manual and keep set the motor aside default_classic.gif

Edited by Leg Godt Gud

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Perhaps the high price tag has something to do with Bernie Ecclestone's love of money LOL! I am a really big fan of the Race Car design, I still have around a dozen cars of similar design stored away, I will probably never break them up..

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Opps...I forgot those other racecars were released the following year. For some reason I sometimes get 95 and 96 mixed up as far as releases are concerned. Hilarious since 94-96 were when I was huge into Lego. Also wow at the price of the motor, hopefully I'll be good with just buying the plastic pieces that go on the top and bottom, I'm not paying that much for a motor!

If people don't mind, I might try to do a couple more reviews of some older town sets.

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If people don't mind, I might try to do a couple more reviews of some older town sets.

I really like watching reviews of classic town sets. So: yes please! :laugh:

Maybe it's an idea to edit the topic title (if it's still possible) with the set number.

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