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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Stand.

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Hello again all, another interesting find on the wonderful world of the web is below, a brilliant little build by The Incinerator14, I thought I would use his words to introduce it.

"As you can see I got into the POTC theme, I am planning on making a series of mocs that relate to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme and to real life events.

The First small diorama I made is called The Last Stand.

It is based on the real life death of Blackbeard and the new POTC movie On Stranger Tides, at the hands of Robert Maynard is this case he is replaced by privateer Hector Barbossa who wants to avenge the lost of his leg at the hands of Blackbeard.

After attacking Barbossa's ship Blackbeard boards the vessel only to find out that it is a trap,an epic duel ensues between the infamous pirate and the privateer Barbossa, is this the feared pirate's last stand? "


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Stand. By The Incinerator14

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That looks great, at first I didn't like the water since it was so blocky, but for some reason it works. Being able to half sink the barrel and the nice contrast of colors just works for me.

It's a bummer there isn't an entire ship, but this small portion is action packed.

I think I'll blog this.


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