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Review: 1831 Maersk (Sealand) Container Lorry

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I have had this set for some weeks now so I thought it is time to publish a review (none existing?!! what the heck?!) about this very nice set. Has been a while since I posted my last review (too busy :'( fortunately vacation now).

With those recent Maersk sets I thought it would be neat to lay my hands on a Maersk truck as well.

Some US bricklink seller had 12 of those sets and needed some quick cash so he put one up for a lot less and I fortunately had it in my "wanted list" so I got it while it was available :)

I thought it would be neat to have it in my town next to the Maersk trains (and the ship but that is not minifig scale of course).

Some Maersk history (Brickset:

It seems to be that the cooperation from LEGO with Maersk (both Danish companies) dates back from 1974. A Maersk boat was released that year with some of those nice floating hull pieces (set 1650). Six years later we saw another Maersk release: the 1651 set with a Maersk blue and gray container Lorry. It came with a minifig with a Maersk blue hard hat just like in the newest Maersk train set. The Lorry itself also came more or less came back in that train set of course. In 1985 a Maersk truck was issued: 1552. This time with a minifig that looks more like a cowboy than a Maersk worker. Then ten years later came our 1831 set. After that LEGO released two (almost identical) boats: 10125 (2004) and 10155 (2010). Then of course came the 10219 set in 2011.

Brickset mentions that Maersk set 10125 was the first one to be available in limited numbers directly from LEGO by 'normal customers'. Although I didn't do any research on that, I assume that all previous sets were issued to Maersk coworkers and/or relations just like with the Vestas sets (and sets like Velux etc). Brickset mentions that the Maersk blue color was replaced by a different blue color in later sets but I don't really see a difference between the 1831 and the train and the ship that we have.

I like this 4 wide truck best since it is more suitable for city with mainly my 4-wide vehicles.

There also was an older Maersk truck, but I like this one better since it fits in perfect with our mainly 4 wide car town.

Name: 1831 Maersk Sealand Container Lorry

Theme: Town / Special

Year: 1995

Pieces: 211

Minifigs: 1

Price: ? (I guess I was lucky to buy it for $99.99 price that is, some ask $250 or more).

External links to the set:


Later versions of this set like mine have "Maersk Sealand" stickers (and so it says on the box). Older versions (also from 1995, just say "Maersk").


Let's first start with the box. Nice colouring and totally in style with the 1990+ era.


The backside:


The box has alternative models at its backside. Like with most LEGO models, I consider the main model is the best :)


The upper, lower, left and right sides of the box give an idea on how to play with the set.


Nice idea huh, the truck trying to pick up the trailer ;)


Now let's see what is inside!

All the bags still sealed. Stickers not applied yet. Of course not for long :)


Here is our Maerskifig. No stickers yet.


We don't see that anymore, but in those days they always included a mini catalog with different LEGO set themes. Nice thing about that is that you can see the era the truck fits in (9V trains, switch from Shell to Octan, etc.)

The finished truck:


Another shot, the driver ready to take the steering wheel. This hat is actually very unique, the only set it has appeared in is this set.


The truck resembles the 6335 Indy Car Carrier (that was in fact released a year later than the Maersk one)


The trailer, ready for some nice containers. Note the support with the 'handtruck' wheel.


The completed truck, trailer and driver. Containers in the back. Original stickers in the foreground. Only a few spare parts left.


The finished truck has just delivered some containers to the Maersk train. Stickers applied (though not the orginals, but my reproductions on transparent material).

I really like this set. The trailer has a nice way to allow it to stand when not being pulled by the truck. I think this is a very nice all time classic. Hope for a lot of people, LEGO and Maersk will release another truck in current 6 wide style.

The set is very build able, also for younger kids, but it is too exclusive for them to really enjoy it I think. The Maersk blue parts are so rare that they are not available at The hat, the doors and the "Maersk Blue Wedge 3 x 4 without Stud Notches" are not even available, but they alone would cost you about € 70 (new hat alone: 18.99 at the moment).

The only thing I don't understand is why they used a "Trans-Dark Blue Glass for Hinge Car Roof 4 x 4 Sunroof with Ridges" instead of the light blue version, although it doesn't look that bad.

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed it and watch your fingers on new years eve! Building might be difficult with some missing.

Edited by Rick

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I always loved the mini catalogues. My friend had a few from the early 90s, before we started collecting legos, and I remember we would look through that book over and over wishing we could get those older sets.

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Nice review.....i also really like this truck...

Imiss the mini catalogues also....ifound all my old catalogues from the 80's and 90's and i still look through them wishing i had those sets

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Great review 'JopieK', a cute classic town semi-trailer.....good idea keeping the original sticker sheet in mint eh ? :wink:

Though it doesn't really fit against the new train with larger containers ? :wink:

Brick On Review On ! :classic:

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I really like this 4 wide truck in Maersk colours. I think I will have to modify mine into 6 wide to match the current truck size.

I have a one carton (24) of these unopened that I got off a LEGO sales rep many many years ago when there was a LEGO yellow truck tour of New Zealand. If I remember rightly I paid $NZ 17 each and they retailed for $NZ 24 each then. :classic:

Edited by AllanSmith

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Great review, a cool set indeed and I love the maersk blue cap!

I hope they make an updated 6 wide version of this set to go along with the Maersk Train! :grin_wub:

Edited by Macoco

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Thanks for the review JopieK! Nice to see a set from the '90s, in my opinion the 'golden age' for LEGO. :thumbup:

One thing I never understood since I know this set are the long containers. They are 4x12 studs, while the standard back then 4x8 (or 4x16) was. It's hard to combine this set with sets like 6542, 4549 and 4555 without modifications.

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I own this truck and I think it's a great set with the new Maersk train.

I love the details under the trailer (suspensions, pushbroom and shovel) :thumbup:

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This is one of those sets I can kick myself for not buying on ebay 7 or 8 years ago when it was Buy it Now for £21, which at the time always seemed expensive, average price is now £100 - £120 MISB.


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What a great set, and it's awesome to see it fitting with the new, huge Maersk tain. Any plans to MOD is to 6-wide? (or MOD The Maersk train cars & containers down the 4 wide?)

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Great review 'JopieK'! I too, was surprised there was no previous review. I love this set and was very lucky to get one for a mere $25 on eBay, though am not sure if I have the instructions. But new for $99 is pretty good. It's now one of my favorite classic sets default_classic.gif

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