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Christmas Train: Winter Tunnel Train

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Here's the Christmas train the kids and I put together to go with the (Winter Tunnel) we built last week.


#2 helper posing with our train & town display in the LEGO room. (#1 helper was off making gingerbread cookies)


The locomotive is based roughly on the Holiday train, the Candy Cane car is a copy of 10013 Open Freight car in more appropriate colours.


Next we have a mostly accurate copy of the Holiday train present car and a car completely made up by #1 helper - my 6 year old son. The tree is a from a polybag set, also on the car are a couple of carolers and a snowball fight.


Of course every Christmas train should end with a present caboose. This one is based on one someone else posted here - sorry, couldn't find the link, but thanks!

Merry Christmas!

cheers - mark

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That's great! Really love the layout, especially with the ATAT Walker bridging the track. What are the minifigs in the grandstand watching? They could be carolers on a really big scale?

As TheBrickster said, one of the best things about this layout and train is that you clearly had fun with your family putting it together - in that sense, it really is a very Christmassy train. Big well done, and I hope you enjoyed those gingerbread cookies!

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