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The knife-throwers are really neat! Did you use the bandit's torso or switch it?

Excellent story as well :thumbup:

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The knife-throwers are really neat! Did you use the bandit's torso or switch it?

Excellent story as well :thumbup:

It are still the bandit-torso's because I like them :laugh:


I am really looking forward to your build!!!

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Ok, I started to write the stories into the topics of the buildins, so that's why I just gonna put the links here and make some connections :classic:

Also, I updated most of the posts in this topic to delete the information which wasn't true anymore, so for these of you who never took a look or are just bored, well enjoy it!

The Turbulent Weeks

("The Chronicles of Lord Damaximus", Part II: "Rise of Mpya Stedor" - Chapter XX written by Geshi Edeh Nihs)

Rumours said that the underground Godess Lloth was assembling an army. And with Valsharess as General, they would look for trouble in Historica.

Lord Damaximus, who already faced Lloth in previous adventures (See "The Chronicles of Lord Damaximus", Part I: "Adventures of the Alleenridders" - Chapters X, XIV, XXXI & XXXII), knew this was not just a rumour, so he collected a few Alleenridders and they rode out, up to the Rakath Mountains.

Well, the whole story is for later, but important for this chapter, is that he appointed Sir Tomvaximus as ruler of the city while he is gone.


(click on the picture to go to the topic of "The Alleenridders on their Quest - Part I)

He was only a few days gone and then it happened...

It all started suddenly, with the Elemental attack on Rohe Iher, a slave who enjoyed his day off:


(click on picture to go to the topic of "Water Elemental Surprise in Ghuba-ya Biashara")

The guards on duty saw everything happening from a very far distance. They yelled to eachother, but even before everyone was on the walls, the action was already finished. The Elemental was already gone. Nobody knew where too, or what happened with Rohe Iher. Sir Tomvaximus decided it would be wiser to keep the fleet in the harbour for a few days.

Sir Tomvaximus called the noblemen together for a council to discuss the future. Needless to say most of them were frightened that the Elementals of Victor Revolword were spotted in the bay of Mpya Stedor. Luckily, the watchtower and Gatehouse were almost finished.

As Mpya Stedor was the biggist city on the South Eastern mainland of Kaliphlin, thousands of people were heading toward the city to seek refuge. Sir Tomvaximus knew that Lord Damaximus would have offered them a spot inside the city, so he decided to open the gates for everyone who fled away from their houses. But to keep the peace inside the city, he expanded the numbers of the Guards in the innercity, the financial heart of Mpya Stedor and the place where the trade happens.

A few days later, there was a lot of noise in the watchtower and Sir Tomvaximus was called. It looked like a miracle happened!! Rohe Iher has survived the attack of the Elemental!!!!


(click on the picture to go to the topic of "Mpya Stedor Tower" -> Here you can read this part of the story through the eyes of Rohe Iher!)

When Sir Tomvaximus arrived, he saw that Rohe Iher was accompagnied by some Mermen. They had a proposition Sir Tomvaximus just couldn't refuse!

So a few days later, Sir Tomvaximus sent a few groups of soldiers to the Mermen Clans to help them protecting their hide-outs. In return, the Mermen Clans destroys every Elemental in the Ghuba-ya Biashara! This means that the ships are finally allowed again to reach the harbour!

When Lord Damaximus returns, he certainly has to thank the Clanleaders!

But now the water was safe again, the landroutes were blocked by the Elementals.

It didn't lasted long before they attacked the city for the first time. But they had to stop their attack as they couldn't manage to find a weak spot in the walls. Nobody knows where they are now. But as long as they are gone, the people from the small villages could find their way into Mpya Stedor. They only had to reach the Gate.


(click on the picture to go to "Mpya Stedor Gate" with teaser for Challenge V)


(Out of Character)

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter :laugh:

The next big chapter will follow within a month I hope :classic:

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