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REVIEW: 6202 Rocka


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Set Index: Rocka 6202

Track down the villains with ROCKA!

ROCKA! The sneaky villains have escaped from the Hero Factory and we need your help to bring them back. Use your specially equipped heat scope vision to locate them and recapture them using your crossbow and energy shield. Then cuff them and bring them to justice! We know the galaxy is safe when you’re around!

  • Features hero cuffs, crossbow, ammo belt with arrows, shooter, energy shield and mask with heat scope vision
  • Fire the ball shooter!
  • Includes decorated chest piece
  • Highly flexible and poseable elements
  • Also includes unique code worth 300 game points for LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game
  • Battle with the master villain 6203 BLACK PHANTOM!
  • Combine with 6203 BLACK PHANTOM for an even bigger model!
  • Stands over 7” (19cm) tall


He's back! I do wonder who he's attacking in this image though; Black Phantom is behind him. Maybe he's hunting tigers or something.


The handcuffs and the new core are the star of this line it seems; they're making a feature of them every time.

*** Rip! ***


The cover is a bit clearer flat. Do note that is a slightly bigger set, and that's why this one gets 300 bonus game points...


...while the rest get only 200. What is actually going on here I'm not sure. I think that Rocka and Splitface are both higher priced than usual sets, but at this stage I don't know. What I also don't know why Rocka gets the bonus size; didn't he get enough of that with Rocka XL?


Two bags are squeezed into the package, with the bandoleer loose.


Rocka still seems to have a gold obsession. Please note that the spears are the hard type.


Here's the part page. A bit more than usual due to the expanded nature of this set.


First off, I just love this part... so much so I made a video!

I'm hoping that it's used more, if not I might have to Bricklink some!


Here's my "new head" comparison. I'm a bit unsure on what I think with this. At first I thought this was new (out of the first Heroes I only bought the bike; that's my excuse!), but I then went to my Corroder. In any case I prefer this head being used than the 2.0 one.


The new "Batman Returns" style torso. While I do like the new torso, I don't like how this is the new custom piece; to me this is a part you'd prefer unmarked as it's less common than the armour plate parts.


Connection-wise it's a slight improvement over the older one with two additional mounting points.


Lost in time, and brought out of the archives is the Rocka 1.0 head... possibly. :laugh: I do wonder if this really is a rejected prototype that they decided to put in production now. Probably not, but I wonder just the same!


I don't like the axle connection though. While I've never broke one myself, I've seen them broken before (and bought some price-reduced broken ones), and thus I always am sure to remove them slow and straight. I hope that this is just a temporary return to avoid needing a new head...


I do think there is a resemblance with the old and new masks (or to put it another way the "old" and old). But, as Brickthing said to me, considering it's supposed to be a 1.0 mask does that make sense seeing the actual 3.0 masks didn't match the 1.0 ones... :look:


I love this new gun piece, especially the "cooling jacket". It's very gun-like too, for TLG. I like the Hero Factory detailing to the rear.


Inside it's not too usable. Seems to be the trend with the new parts. Note the right hand side; this is meant as a decently subtle ball shooter part.


I'm looking forward to seeing MOCs with this; the obvious use is a ammo belt on a mech. It's also been seem before on an Iron Man prototype.


On to the building, and aside from the extra height there's something different with this one. :wink:


Next come the weapons...


...and we're done! His mask to me looks like a crusader helm. I do like the bow idea, but the bandoleer is rather stiff so it doesn't pose too well.


Here you can see the difference in a standard Hero and a "Super" Hero. (Rocka weighs about 101 grams and Evo is about 85 grams.)


It's more clear from the back; Rocka is three sections higher in the legs and one in the arms. He's also got an extra foot on the back. :grin:


Spares are sparse, but TLG tend to include easily lost/broken/miscounted parts. Sometimes I think TLG should include random parts just to please twits like me! :laugh: (Sometimes I think they do...)


As I keep saying, the shield is a winner. The bow is pretty cool too, but the shooting function is not. The new shorter squeeze part combined with the new rigid gun part result in a lot of extra needed pressure. In addition, it is very inaccurate; it pulls to the rigid side by about 20 degrees. True as an AFOL I don't care at all, but I'm assuming that 35 year olds are not the target audience.


Ouch! Someone has kicked Rocka so hard there's a boot print! All jokes aside I like this. Maybe they should have picked a more subtle part, but it's much better than the stick figure alternative.


Ahhhghh! It's the evil (French?) Black Phantom! Unfazed by his vast size Rocka takes him on...

1. *** Scuffle ***

2. ???????????????


3. Victory!

I don't get it either. Maybe it's a dream?


On the subject of these two, for some interesting reason, the opposing sets get the combiners this time. To be honest I don't like it.


Getting back to randomness, if you overanalysed this image it could be seen as a dream sequence of someone fighting inner demons...

Enough with the nonsense ranting! Onto the ratings!



Good, but not especially good. The bandoleer gets in the way when posing the left arm.7/10


The shield need I say more? I do? Tough. The shield is good enough. If people can buy a $100 Star Wars set for a figure, then they can by a $15 set for two cool shield pieces.10/10


While it's the same as the last series, I do like this colour combination, and the new torso piece makes these look more different too. In particular Rocka looks better from the back. 8/10


I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm hoping that this is a test of a higher price point for Heroes. Personally I think that they should make the standard set just a bit bigger as that little bit of detail can make or break a set. But niggles aside it's a good set, and I think price aside I prefer this to Rocka XL. 9/10


Wow. I like this one a lot. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.9/10

This review is part of a series. If you feel some aspect wasn't covered be sure to check my review for Evo, Toxic Reapa and Evo before asking about it! I might improve some of these photos if time permits... but if you have anything in mind please feel free to ask.

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Definitely an improvement over Rocka 3.0, (I mean he's not running around in a Lion suit! :laugh:) But I don't like the bags. :sceptic: I'll definitely pick this up, but with Superheroes and Star Wars, it might take a while! :grin: Great review!

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For me, I'm just gonna flip and rotate his lower shin armour to be like Furnos, and I'm getting rid of the old foot and spear thingy. Then he will be for me an awesome figure.

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I'll definatly be getting this guy as I am a sucker for gold, but I really don't like the looks of this guy when standing normally. I think hes TOO tall. Then again, maybe if you swapped one set of his legs(lower or upper) with the lower or upper of evo, theywould be more evenly sized and it would look better.(Probably the lower legs, those lower leg bits on Rocka really look bad with those armor pieces)

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I was able to acquire Rocka yesterday, and I would recommend the set to anyone. I think that he's the best hero set made yet. But my number one complaint, is that the legs are ridiculously long and disproportionate. Simply swapping the lower legs with the ones used on Stormer 2.0 fixed the problem and made the model a lot easier to look at in my opinion. Aside from that, I love the set.

Great review Sieg. :classic:

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Yeah, it is all about the color scheme for me, if all the pieces that are not gold or transparent were black, he would look just great and awesome. Too bad they are not. If money is not tight next year I might get him for bricks, but he is not a priority.

In fact, I am getting the same vibes about Evo, which kind of leaves Toxic Reapa as the only surviving 2012 set of those I was initially exciting about.

Edited by vexorian

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In fact, I am getting the same vibes about Evo, which kind of leaves Toxic Reapa as the only surviving 2012 set of those I was initially exciting about.

Evo (who's shown in this review) is OK, and Toxic (who I'll have a review of up in the next few days) is cool. One of my favourite standard sized bad guys for a while.


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I really don't get why people say it's Rocka's 1.0 helmet, I mean, Savage Planet said that Rocka was created with the 2.0 upgrade.

Anyway, I really loved Rocka when seeing the preliminary images, but I'm really iffy on him right now. He just seems crowded with all the accessories.

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I, for one, am glad that they've loaded up a Hero with accessories. It's about time a hero was equipped with everything he needed for a mission. Rocka looks like a great value for his price; I might pick him up.

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After seeing reviews of some of the sets, I'm a little disappointed with the sets. Rocka's my favourite Hero, yet he isn't as fantastic as I thought. The huge mesh of colours makes him look a little messy to me. I'll still be getting him, but I guess I'll be buying more of the villains this time around.

Edited by Lockon Stratos

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Don't know why, but the helmet reminds me of something from a 50's sci fi movie. Good review, but I'll be getting this for parts only. Rocka kind of lost his head in my stories.

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Out of the sets I currently have, Rocka is by far and away my favourite. That green is so lovely it defies words.

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Thanks for the review!

While I'm not the greatest fan of gold, this version of Rocka starts to grow on me. In addition to the lovely shield, the crossbow cannon is also a nice touch.

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Without doubt, the best hero of the new wave!

For some reason, the new shield peices remind me of a Hexbug Nano for some reason. I'm going to agree with you on that the shield is rockas. Thanks for the reveiw Siegfried!

Edited by Lance

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Sorry for asking for pictures lately, but I haven't got these guys yet, so I'm just curious. That shield arm bugs me with how short it is, do you think it would look better by lengthening the forearm by one stud longer?

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I just saw the review. Nice, by the way.....

Is it normal, that the squeeze part is pulled away from the socket it is mounted on

by the axle when you shoot the ball? Almost a milimeter or so.

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I myself bought this set today and I am loving it. :wub:

The entire set is perfectly proportioned, the shield pieces are gorgeous, and the crossbow is a very good use of the pieces. My first thought upon finishing the set was 'Wow, this is a hero.'

The only things I dislike is the low amount of gold and the use of the foot as back armor- As you highlighted, it is quite awkward. I just want good back armor. :cry_sad:

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