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Nocturnus border tower

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Previously on Bono's adventure: My link


"At last, Luncheon, here we are at the border towers!!" "Oink oink!"


"You know Luncheon, this used to be the temple of an ancient deity. This tower is built among what's left of such ruins..."


"According to Nocturnus lore, two demons were living in this very place a long long time ago."


"But they cannot tolerate one another, so they had a fierce battle, burning down everything along and around, including all of their worshipers and these once-temples."


"They say if you're lucky enough, you can find demon bone fragments beneath the soil, which is a very very precious material, for both sorcery research and weapon smithing!"


"I wonder where the guard captain might be..."


"My lord, here's the map I've asked to deliver." "Well done, little undead."


"I see you brought a pig with you. I didn't know skeletons need to eat," "That is my travel companion, my lord..." "Your wha?...... Anyway, a group of bugbear merchants have traveled north towards the Avalonian border, I want you to take this bone shield behind you, and deliver it to them. They travel slow, you will have no trouble in catching up," "Yes my lord, consider it done!"


"A bone shield......I've never seen anything like this before, Luncheon. More traveling, you ready for that Luncheon?" "Oink!"

To be continued...

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What an ugly tower! :thumbup: Fits right in. I really like the shieldlike wall panels and the bone shield. Cool story too, I always like to come up with scenarios for each build I make.

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I really like this. Part 1 is brilliant too, "Fancy a cuppa?" is a killer line, and Sulphurion is superb. Great story-telling and photography, and very inventive build. Well done


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Aw, is he just the cutest undead ever? :wub: I look forward to his (and luncheon's) further adventures!

ps. Interesting looking tower, btw! Some cool shapes going on in yr photos. :classic:

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Thanks guys for the feedback! Looking forward to the next challenge hehe. @Hersbrucker yeah I totally forgot about that.:laugh: Here goes:



@Captain Beerbeard: I've always wanted to make a bone shield, finally able to do so with the new skeleton arms and shorter sticks from the vikings/dwarves minifig collectables!

@Artanis I: Yeah they are in fact tower shields for Ogres heehee.

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