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Avalonia Guild Watchtower

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I"m sorry for the getting late entry, it is still today over here, not the 15th, so I hope this counts. I also didn't have time to take pictures, so I will use the preliminary ones and there isn't much of a difference except they are blurry. :sceptic:


The front, looks a bit strange though, right?


There is a hidden gate.


The inside, each story leads up to the other. And all of them has tiled floors with jumper plates to position minifigures in poses.


Next layer.


My balcony, with an enemy's head at the end! It is attached to a room with a chair and bared windows. Also tiled.


The tippy top of the tower, with poles and arches sending down flaming oil and all the sort.



And an Avalonia knight on another wall surrounding the tower with more flaming oil.


Again, sorry for the crappy pictures.

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Well a few suggestions on picture taking, try taking the pictures further away to allow for more light to enter the camera, then crop the picture down to show the parts you want before resizing to 800x640. This way the picture will be taken quicker on auto exposure lessening the blur from your movement and the longer exposure time.

Try some more shots and see how they go. Take pride in the presentation of the MOC as well as the building of it :wink:

i like the tower by the way :laugh:

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