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MOC - Trawler

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indexed.gif V-W-4C

This MOC was created for the contest "Modern Water Transport" at the DoubleBrick.RU site.

And it got third place there.

Now I want to show it to you.

Trawler is a Fishing vessel designed for trawl-fishing of fish and non-fish objects and their primary processing.

Current ship refers to the small for tonnage rules. For setting and hauling the trawl there are trawl winches. At the stern of a trawler there is a portal designed to lift the trawl and remove the fish from the extended trawl.

Trawlers can be equipped with lines for cutting and processing the catch, and freezers to store it in the hold. This model is a freezer trawler. Unfortunately there are no photos of the interior.

The general view of the trawler:


The view from the left side:


The view from the starboard side:


View of the portal and trawl:


Fishermen at work:


View of the sailor who raises the trawl winch:


Antenna and masthead:






Thanks for watching!

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AWESOME Trawler, very sterotypical of a fishing trawler and thus extremely realistic. I love the nautical colour scheme!

Where did you get that crab?

P.S. So much SNOT! :laugh:

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What's SNOT to love about this one eh ? :laugh:

Excellent build 'Elen' and the best thing of all - action on top of lots of detail - a huge :thumbup: to you 'Elen'.....Brick On Fish On ! :classic:

(I wonder if anyone would ever do The Time Bandit ? :wink: )

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