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MOC: Terra da chispa

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Hi everyone, here's my new MOC, " Terra da Chispa".

First I'd like to explain the name. I'm from Ourense, a place known for, among other things, the traditional "afiladores" or "sharpeners" (men who sharpen knives and other tools). This is where Ourense gets its nickname "terra da chispa" or "land of the spark" . Even though we don't see them on the streets nowadays, I remember the sound of the flute they would play to let us know they were ready to work and the sparks that flew from the knives that were being sharpened.); In the 18th century, the wheel they spun to sharpen tools was carried by the "afiladores" on their backs. Later on they used the wheel to transport the sharpening utensil, and finally they began to use bicycles and motorcycles during the second half of the 20th century.

Here are some links to images of different types of sharpening wheels and interpretations by various artists and sculptors.



As far as the MOC goes, first I made a classic sharpening wheel, having to adapt the size to the biggest and narrowest wheel I have (Wheel 75 x 17 mm Motorcycle (8051) which I didn't really like. The transmission was also not exactly what I wanted, because it's a chain link and I would have wanted to use a transmission with some type of flat rubber. i also would have liked the wheel to be narrower to give it a more rustic look. This is why I decided to turn it into something steampunk.

As for as the "steampunkization", I added a steam machine made of steel and wood. There is only one piston that ends with a foot which moves the sharpening wheel's pedal, Centrifugal governor, a flywheel, and the tubes I thought necessary.

Only the machanical part works, the steam part doesn't,

And here is the result, I hope you like it.


Terra da chispa_01 by pabloglez, on Flickr


Terra da chispa_02 por pabloglez, on Flickr


Terra da chispa_03 por pabloglez, en Flickr


Terra da chispa_04 por pabloglez, en Flickr

Some details:

tools box


tools box por pabloglez, en Flickr

controls and boil


controls and boil por pabloglez, en Flickr

centrifugal governor


centrifugal governor por pabloglez, en Flickr

piston and boot


piston and boot por pabloglez, en Flickr

peleng view:


peleng view_01 por pabloglez, en Flickr


peleng view_02 por pabloglez, en Flickr

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