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MOC- Crossroad Tower of Petraea

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Just outside of Petraea stands a recently restored Watchtower which overlooks the crossroad between the Great Oil Road and the road to Queenscross to the North. The city spared no expense by hauling in stone from the North and East to mix with the lovely sandstone that is so readily available in the Badlands.

Occupied day and night by the Army guards of Petraea, they make sure the road is safe for travelers coming and going into the desert capitol. On a clear day you can see for miles in each direction.


Tower-front by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


Tower-side by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


Tower-right-side by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


Tower-top by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


Tower-back by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

I've seen a lot of great towers from the different guilds and can't wait to see what else everyone is working on.

Thanks for taking the time to look at mine!

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Hmmm... the multiple layers of arches idea is something I might keep in mind for the future...

Thanks for that! :laugh:

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Nice tower Erynlasgalen!The recessed arches look great and i like the multiple balconies too - it gives it a sense of lightness and airiness. Great height as well. :thumbup: The only thing i have misgivings about is the side view - it makes the tower look like it is leaning backwards a bit. :look:

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