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CAT 1: Battle Atop Gotham Central

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Mr. Freeze and his henchmen are attacking Gotham Central! Commissioner Gordon, Lt. Bullock, and the uniformed officers of the GCPD were fighting a losing battle when Stacy went up and activated the Bat-Signal! Now that Batman and Robin are on the scene, who will prevail?


GC 01 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr


GC 03 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr


GC 05 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr


GC 06 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr


GC 15 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr


GC 14 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr


GC 18 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr


GC 20 by BattleGorilla, on Flickr

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Your entry has been noted.

Any further changes to your entry MUST be informed to me via PM.

Thank you.


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Is only the first floor built?

Great ice effects - it really makes the moc for me...

And I love your bat symbol - It never amazes me the creativity people are using to get the bat symbol. :)

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