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Tomcat RIO

Fangnorst, tower o'er on the sea

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On the tip of the Sharpe's Peninsular to the East of Hykerbia, in South Eastern mitgardia, a tower stands watch over all the sea traffic that comes to and fro on the busy guild trade routes. As the entire coastline is peppered with sharp cliffs, dangerous rocks, strong currents, the watchtower not only serves as a guard against naval incursion and raids, it also has a lighthouse with a flaming beacon, to warn ships of danger.

East Mitgardian fishermen and traders often use Fangnorst as a landmark route in planning their fishing trips and trading lanes. The beacon offers them hope, as once they round the bend from the Eastern seas they are headed for home, and for traders, the beacon signals the beginning of the unknown east and southern guilds where riches lie!


Fangnorst sits atop an older, more ancient watchpost. Yellow in colour, its walls have crumbled little, and the first Colonists simply built on top of it. Myths from the Dwarves and Norsemen tell of a fortress by the sea, long ago centuries past in the age of Historica's earlier days, before the wise sages came, and men of the Lion and Falcon waged endless war. Fangnorst guarded against fouler evil, monsters from the seas, of a kind now thought long extinct..

This is my little tribute to the Lego Yellow castle 375..



waves crash against the rock cliffs


a griffin landing pad for resupplies



a watchtower guard sweeps the piled snow from last night


the beacon, which offers so much meaning to Mitgardian sea farers.


the back of the watchtower


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That looks pretty cool.

The only thing that doesn't is the windows and those "fangs" used as water.

And a homemade cape looks awesome.

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I agree about the fangs, but I do like the windows as waves... it took me a minute to get though. I thought it was a big ship wreck against the shore haha.

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