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2011: A LEGOLAND Florida Odyssey

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On December 5, 2011, my parents and I spent a day at LEGOLAND Florida. I had a great time there, and I thought it would be nice to share my adventure with everyone here.

I have so many pictures that I decided to just put them in this gallery rather than posting them all in this topic (which would be very time-consuming and bandwidth-hogging). However, I will link to some individual pictures/sub-galleries for convenience.

When I first got in the park, I saw someone dressed up in a highly realistic minifigure costume. I had a photo taken of me doing a Stephen Colbert-style "friend pose" with the colorful character.

After that, I went to The Big Shop, and got some unique items there. I also stopped by the Factory Tour, saw a funny video of CGI minifigures messing around in a real LEGO factory, and picked up some common, yet essential bricks at the Pick A Brick store. My last shopping destination was the Minifigure Market, where I built 3 minifigures using mostly Collectible Minifigure parts.

See all the merchandise I got in this sub-gallery.

Next, I visited Miniland USA. My dad leveraged the photo-taking and video-capturing powers of his iPhone, and here are the results...

Miniland Photos

YouTube Videos (on my YT channel)

After Miniland, we had lunch at Fun Town Pizza Pasta Buffet. Sorry, no pictures, but the food was excellent. :tongue:

We finished eating just in time to catch the Racers 4D movie at the Wells Fargo Fun Town 4D Theater. It was awesome. There was wind and snow (yes, it snowed in central Florida!!! :laugh: It was indoors though, and I saw no traces after the show was over... :cry_sad: ), and the vehicles looked fantastic (a fusion of realistic vehicle parts and LEGO elements, similar in appearance to the vehicles in the Drome Racers video game). Again, there are no photos.

I forgot the exact order of the following activities, but here they are anyway.

I joined my dad on the Lost Kingdom Adventure ride. The Egyptian theme and the laser guns reminded me of Stargate SG-1. Plenty of classic Adventurers characters appeared on the ride, including Sam Sinister (who was involved in a failed plot with dynamite :laugh: ), Dr. Kilroy, and Ms. Pippin Reed. Sorry, no photos available.

My mom and I went on the Technicycle in the LEGO® TECHNIC™ section of the park. Although I have no photos of this cool-looking ride, I can tell you that the base of it looks like a Power Functions battery box and XL Motor. Each dual-seat passenger holder was made to look like a powered glider built from giant LEGO elements, such as TECHNIC beams, classic dragon wings, 6x6 webbed dishes, and 5.5 diameter 3-bladed propellers.

At the Imagination Zone, I wanted to participate in the Racers Build and Test and Hero Factory activities, but an employee told me that Hero Factory wasn't ready yet, so I just built a racer and pitted it against other creations in a downhill drag race. (I made an LXF file of my racer the next day at home.)

The Big Test, a live-action show in the LEGO® City section of the park, was very funny to watch. It was about five city-dwellers trying to pass a test to become volunteer firefighters. The actors even interacted with the audience several times, and those unfortunate enough to sit in the first few rows got wet from all the water that was splashed and sprayed around in the spirit of laugh-out-loud comedy. Once again, no photos were taken.

Back when LEGOLAND Florida used to be Cypress Gardens (part of it still is--more on that later), they had a water ski show. Since then, pirates took over the show, and it was renamed Pirate’s Cove Live Water Ski Show. It told the story of a brave female named Miranda Valentina (a human dressed in an outfit similar to this minifigure) who, allied with her soldiers (people in 2009 redcoat minifigure costumes sans hats), took back the Brickbeard's Bounty (which appeared to be made of life-size LEGO elements) from pirates (including Brickbeard himself, the only pirate who was in a minifigure costume). There was also a shark named Sawtooth (which looked just like the one in the Brickbeard's Bounty set). Click here for pictures.

The last thing we saw at LEGOLAND Florida was Cypress Gardens. Thankfully, the beautiful (yet non-LEGO) botanical gardens were left intact. There is a massive banyan tree there that would look awesome in modular sets if LEGO brought back Forestmen or made an Elves theme. You can see that tree and other cool flora here.

Finally, on the way out, I discovered that my minifigure friend was replaced by Preston Stormer 1.0. I saluted him.

If you can afford to go to LEGOLAND Florida, I highly recommend it. :grin:pirate_thumbup.gif I really hope to go there again at least once.

-Toa Of Justice

EDIT: Many of the links in this post rotted (here's why), so I fixed them.

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Thanks for this lovely review of your visit! I love the pic of you saluting Preston Stormer. :laugh: He's not the best LEGO mascot figure by far, but the novelty is still appreciated. The Pirates show looks amazing from the photos I've seen on Flickr. I look forward to my first visit-- I live on the East Coast so it's a lot closer to me than LEGOLAND California was, especially if I end up going to a college in Georgia I've been accepted to!

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