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Captain Blackmoor

Avalonia Trading Company Dungeon

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For the Lord High Executioner title:

Somewhere, on a secret location in the A.T.C. lands there is a dungeon where trespassers, highwaymen, marauders and bandits will end up.

It is not a place you want to be, as no one has left this dungeon alive. When someone is making the trade routes a dangerous place the individual(s) will be tossed in the prison for several days. Then the torture sessions begin to get as much information as possible about secret bandit hideouts and bandit leaders. After the prisoners have told everything they know, they are brought to death quickly by decapitation. When a prisoner doesn't tell anything, he will be killed in a way no one wants to be killed. :devil:


The overview of the dungeon, prison cells at the left, torture device (the stretcher) and torture tools near the stairs.

The cruel killing device in the upper right corner (based on a Dutch device used in the 80 years of war with Spain), the basket with bones and leftovers and of course the chopping block.


It looks cruel, and it is cruel! Prisoners are being screwed up here, leaving their guts all over the place while their empty body is lying on the wheel, several meters high up to the ceiling. :sick:


The torture device, also called "The Stretcher", simply because it makes you taller!


And there your head goes!


Myself giving orders in the dungeon, it's nothing personal, just good business! :devil:

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Ouch! I hope I never end up in there! Isn't Avalonia supposed to be a nice place? :tongue:

Greetings from the South

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This is another great moc from you!! :thumbup:

You really manage to put in so much details! Like the broom in the corner! :laugh: The floor is also very nice with the bones, stones and blood all over the place! The machines surely looks painfull! :sceptic:

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Excellent ' Captain Blackmoor ', perfect for those who defy the laws of Avalonia.....oh, I like the pistol....hmm, medieval and pistols...must have missed that episode of Time Team. :laugh:

Avalonia Forever !

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