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Na'khra Uzk Bridge

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Na'khra Uzk Bridge


Situated on the edge of the swamp partly on a small rock formation, the Na'khra Uzk Bridge fortified watchtower was originally built as a means to cross from the end of a common path through the Rakath mountain range over the extremely unstable bog edge to a slightly more solid swamp "island". The swampland is very difficult to navigate, but the bridge marks the starting point for a known path. Built by orcs, it is (naturally) under-engineered :hmpf: and therefore crumbling from beneath due to the unstable ground on the swamp side. Deep-driven piles on either end (added later) keep it from completely sinking into the bog.

Some time later, a fortified tower was added (not by orcs thankfully :knight: ) as a means to watch out for threats of war, natural disaster & food chain phenomena. Here be dragons, you know. :dangry: Built by more capable heads & hands it is on the western solid-rock side of the bridge, and in an excellent state of repair in comparison to the original part of the structure. Currently under the charge of one of Arcanis I's officers Caza-Ul-Baqr, the crew on board are primarily wildmen from the region. The location is not a pleasant one, as the bog truly stinks, as does the air from the mountain under which it lies. The sky is more often than not darkened, but the temperature warm depending on the nearby volcanic activity.

Under the bridge a thin strip of deep still putrid water is visible marking the edge of the bog, under which lies many bones & stones that have fallen/been cast into it. Something lives down there, according to the wildmen. The dark blue of the water is due to the high concentration of cobalt. It would otherwise be puke brown...




Ladder up to the bridge from the swamp side - you can see quite plainly that the wildmen DO NOT wipe their feet after walking in the mud. :hmpf_bad:


Caza-Ul-Baqr has her own room for studying "the arts" as it were, and of course administrative business.


As a visitor on official business, Cal-Un-Owen gets first crack at the dinner table. :moar: And it isn't half-bad, really, considering this is really only a remote watchtower. There is only one "bed" which is available according to the roster. Everyone else sleeps on the floor.


The wildmen keep watch to the south and west for many kilometres (or whatever physical distance is measured in there) through a powerful telescope mounted on the 5th level. Under the tower set into the rock is a small dungeon. I wouldn't say prison cell, as it's more of a permanent lockup + torture. Or should I say "torch ya"...


I know that a white paper background helps the Lego to show up better in the photos, but it also ruins the vibe of the setting and there's no way I'm cutting out the background on so many pics for a digital one! This is the 3rd version of the bridge, previous incarnations and full size pics of these ones are visible here (until I upload another 200 photos... unless I start paying of course.)

Thanks for your comments... :classic:

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I like it, has that chaotic feeling from the orcs yet a dark intelligence commands the tower.

A good and welcome sight, well maybe just for Nocturnus. :tongue:

Nice job. :thumbup:

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I like how this has progressed, the changes and additions made from the first two phase have improved upon this nicely. The spy glass/telescope is a nice addition to a watch tower, the bedding, meals and even the Nocturnians all look well at home. Great job.

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