Space Marines!

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At this point I see three semi major obstacles to the Space Troopers.

1. Purdue Pete... Bwahahahaha! Ok no seriously. If the reviews are competitive for the review period this really should be a non issue. A wildly and broadly popular project vs an extreme niche one that appeals only to graduates of a specific small university.

2. Conflict with an on going project. I think this one is less likely. The only potential conflict would be Galaxy Squad, which is a Lego in house IP. So they don't have the contract conflict that killed the MWT. TLG could easily release a project that is complimentary of an existing non licensed line. They have done it before. (The pre CuuSoo Star Justice set alongside SPIII.)

3. Games Workshop. This is the big one. Was the GW challenge over the name enough to spook the TLG legal group? Are there any other reasons that GW might challenge the project on? While GW probably has no actual legal ground and would lose in court, chances are TLG would choose not to invite such a challenge or wage a fight over a CuuSoo project.

I still think that this project and the Curriousity Rover are the two most likely candidates to pass review, of the upcoming candidates.

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To be fair, like minecraft, purdue pete is made from easy already in stock elements, all it needs is a box and a label, space marines would require recoloring parts, something that costs time and money.

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