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Delivering Fuel to Market.

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(I apologize for lack of base plates or pieces. Most of this was made with what I had from the Battle of Alamut.)

In a sleepy oasis in the Western Badlands , once the center of a town called Bigba, there is a market fair once a month. The Bigba fair is presided over by a merchant prince that has fashioned himself as "King Ralf." Ralf, a loyal Kaliphlinian invites all peaceful traders to his dwindling oasis now only marked by a ruined inn. GEAR CO, one of the only trading companies willing to stray far from the main roads of the badlands, is the sole oil provider to the Bigba Fair. Here are some pictures from the fair:


DSC_0657 by princeofska, on Flickr

a general overview of the whole fair. (Again, sorry it is so spread out, without base plates it is a bit hard.)


DSC_0660 by princeofska, on Flickr

King Ralf listens to GEAR CO's Petera MacLean's trade offer. Gold for Oil.


DSC_0669 by princeofska, on Flickr

Petera and his bodyguard Cannondale browse some of the fair's stalls for other trading opportunities. Here a few blacksmiths have set up shop.


DSC_0672 by princeofska, on Flickr

Petera is not impressed with this "mage's" selection... perhaps fresh fruit may be better?


DSC_0673 by princeofska, on Flickr



DSC_0674 by princeofska, on Flickr

A dwarf and a few gnomes attempt to sell Petera miniature siege weapons... are these toys?


DSC_0675 by princeofska, on Flickr

Petera and Cannondale "window shopping"


DSC_0678 by princeofska, on Flickr

The set up of the GEAR CO stall. The Oil Wagon is heavily guarded at all times. Petera entertains Prince Ralfie in his private tent.


DSC_0679 by princeofska, on Flickr

After a day of trade, the caravan leaves the fair.


DSC_0683 by princeofska, on Flickr

Another angle of the oil wagon.


DSC_0684 by princeofska, on Flickr



DSC_0688 by princeofska, on Flickr

Petera Jumps into action.

I don't want to clog this up with more photos... I like storyline shoots, and I could go on for a while. Biggest thing I wish I had was base plates and more background scenery... But I hope you all liked the MOC merchant stalls and the oil wagon. My camera died before I could take a good closeup of the stalls, and I forgot to take a picture of the wagon with its lid open, there is actually black "oil" represented in blocks inside. Here is the link to the rest of the story line

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Lots of cute little builds. I like your roof designs for both the Mage's stall and the Blacksmith's shop.

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