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CH-106 Titan Helicopter

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Over the past year or so I have succumbed to "Photo Block", being scared to take pictures of my creations because...I kinda suck at it. But I have been building the whole time!

The Titan Helicopter is a heavy lift and transport helicopter, designed to operate directly in the battlesphere and conduct secondary missions as well. The cargo bay accomodates a Puma Fast Attack Vehicle, and a troop platform inside is fitted with a retractable minigun turret and door on either side. A rapel door is fitted in the helicopter, enabling the a line to be lowered by internal winch to carry equipment or conduct insertion or rescue missions. A knob on the back of the helicopter spins both rotor blades simultaneously in a counterrotating pattern, four revolutions per every one revolution of the knob.


- Opening Bay Door

- Fits a Fast Attack Vehicle internally

- Two retractable Minigun Turrets

- Retractable Landing Gear

- Dual Gear rotated rotors

- Rapel Door opens on bottom

- Internal Winch and Line system

- Top slides off completely to reveal insides.









Click the pictures to go to the flickr photos!

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I've been throwing this idea around in my head ever since I got the AC Mobile Defense set. I also picked up two of the jet copters for the idea during a bogo sale and a second mobile defense for the project but haven't started it yet. Yours looks awesome and with a little yellow in there would fit right in with the AC line. Any pics of the rotor workings inside?

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Yea I got the idea for the color scheme from that line but honestly the yellow doesn't appeal to me so I left it out. With those kits you should for sure have enough to do a model like this! And I was going to take a picture of the internal system but opted not to. However;

The rotors each have one of these gears that meshes with the main drive shaft:


The main drive shaft has two of these gears; one for each rotor respectively:


It takes a while playing around with the gears to figure it out but they end up meshing pretty well. I used plates with a round hole in the middle to steady the individual rotor technic pins, and of course the 1x2 round hole technic bricks to steady the main drive shaft. In order for the rotors to counterrotate (if you decide to build a dual rotor system like this they should) you just have to have the gearing face opposite directions. Aka on the front, the big gear's spokes face forwards to mesh with the rotor gear, and in the back the big gear's spokes face rearwards and mesh with the smaller rotor gear. Thus they counterrotate and at a very quick rate due to the size differential in gearing. Pretty much the first time I've worked too much with this so I am pretty proud of it.

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Can't get over what a beast your helo is. Thanks for the info about the gearing.

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